Halloween 2020!

ImageHowdy Hunters!
It brings me great pleasure to introduce to you the Halloween 2020 Event! Once again, darkness has fallen over Timbergold Trails, the time has frozen and Werewolves are on the loose! Like last year, you will be able to taxidermy the Werewolves and choose to sell them for gm$, and if you do, you will be rewarded with twice the amount of gm$!

If you are lucky enough, you might also spot a ghostly looking Albino Werewolf!

Event Duration

The event takes place in the Timbergold Trails reserve and lasts 7 days, with the Werewolf being huntable during the whole period.

START: Wednesday, October the 28th 12:00 am GMT
END: Tuesday, November the 3rd, 12:00 am GMT

Werewolf Weapons

The ‘Wolfsbane’ .308 Handgun‘Wolfsbane’ Crossbow Pistol, and their Silver Ammunition are essential for hunting the Werewolf, as you won’t be able to take him down without them.
Both can be found in the store, the ‘Wolfsbane” .308 Handgun has a very generous 90% discount applied to it, however, the ‘Wolfsbane” Crossbow Pistol will remain a premium item.


In order to be effective against werewolves, these weapons need Silver Ammunition, which you will also find in the store together with some nicely themed items to go along with the event.

The Mission

Our Halloween mission is called TheHunter Classic Halloween Quest and will award the following prizes throughout completion:

  • 666 gm$
  • Two Person Tree Stand (Forest Camo Mesh)
  • Ritual of Skulls Trophy
  • 100 Skull$ points

The Campaign

The Halloween 2020 campaign will run for the whole duration of the event.

Here are the prizes:

1st Place: 3000em$
2nd Place: 2000em$
3rd Place: 1000em$
4-10th Place: 700em$

Anyone who gets over 666 Skull$: 200em$

How do you win the Halloween 2020 Campaign? The winners will be determined by Skull$ collected, and here’s how to get them.
We have collectibles again this year, skulls. Each skull is worth a different amount of points (Skull$), with the rarest skulls being worth the most:

  • Green Skull Collectable = 1 Skull$
  • Blue Skull Collectable = 5 Skull$
  • Red Skull Collectable = 20 Skull$
  • Purple Skull Collectable = 50 Skull$
  • Dia de Muertos Skull Collectable = 100 Skull$
  • Dark Ritual Skull Collectable (Black with the star) = 666 Skulls


As well as finding Collectable Skulls there are also other ways to gather Skull$ points:

Harvest an animal in Timbergold Trails = 1 Skull$
Harvest any animal shot in the Skull (Timbergold Trails only) = 5 Skull$
Harvest a Werewolf = 25 Skull$

The Competitions

On top of all this, there are 4 competitions that will be available throughout the event, each has a Halloween theme to it and all of them have some nice amounts of em$ to be won.
All the competitions will run for 72 hours each and overlap each other to some extent (see the calendar below), all can be found in the Competitions tab once the event starts.
Good luck out there… You are going to need it!


Together with the ‘Wolfsbane’ .308 Handgun discounted by 90%, a wide selection of items will be on sale during the Halloween 2020 event.
Every few days a new batch of items will be discounted and stay on sale only for a few days, typically when competitions start and end – so make sure you check the store often!

Werewolf Trophy Shot Poses

Last but not least we are glad to announce that we are making four new, frightening trophy shot poses available for the Werewolf. These poses will only be available during the Halloween event, so be sure to get them while you can!

Click on the banner below or find them in the store.


Event Calendar

Finally, here’s a handy calendar to keep track of all the events going on during Halloween 2020:halloween_2020_calendar_2

Join the conversation on the Forum: https://forum.thehunter.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=92161


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