Announcing Valentine’s Hunting Spree

theHUnter Valentine's hunting spree

It’s that day again, whether you love it or hate it. We’re celebrating it theHunter style, by taking a plunge into a three-day-long hunting spree where intricacy meets elegance.

Heart is the name of the game today, so the main challenge is to hit an animal in the heart. Each day there will be a different animal and a different weapon, with the difficulty level increasing from Friday to Sunday. We’ll be running sales on the items and licenses needed in the competitions and, as a special bonus, the Cupid arrows will be available in the store throughout the whole event at a very sweet price (it’s Valentine’s day after all).

The top 10 hunters of each day will be awarded with em$ and gorgeous trophies created by Oskar. Each trophy is unique, so you’ll have three chances to win a truly exclusive award. Yes, the competition will be fierce but so is love, isn’t it? 😉

Happy heart-hunting!


Valentine’s Hunting Spree


February 14th – Romantic Elk competition

Details: Roosevelt Elk vs. .30-06 Lever Action Rifle

Sales: .30-06 Lever Action Rifle, .30-06 Nosler Partition, 4-8x32mm Rifle Scope – up to 30% off. Roosevelt Elk license – 25% off. Bonus: Cupid arrows at 20% off

Trophies for the first 3 places:

valentine_2014_trophy_elk_01  valentine_2014_trophy_elk_02  valentine_2014_trophy_elk_03

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February 15th – Rosy Roe Deer competition

Details: Roe Deer vs. .270 Bolt Action Rifle

Sales: .270 Bolt Action Rifle, 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope, .270 Nosler Ballistic Tip – up to 25% off. Roe Deer license – 25% off. Bonus: Cupid arrows at 20% off

Trophies for the first 3 places:

Valentine's hunting spree - 1st place  valentine_2014_trophy_deer_02  valentine_2014_trophy_deer_03

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February 16th – Ravishing Red Fox competition

Details: Red Fox vs. Compound Bow “Snakebite”

Sales: Compound Bow “Snakebite”, Compound Arrows, Cupid Arrowsup to 40% off. Red Fox license – 25% off.

Trophies for the first 3 places:

valentine_2014_trophy_fox_01  valentine_2014_trophy_fox_02  valentine_2014_trophy_fox_03

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