Behind the scenes of theHunter: Primal – Design

We know that there are a lot questions, speculations and general ramblings going on about the upcoming theHunter: Primal game. In order to address at least some of them, we’ll be doing a series of short “behind-the-scenes” interviews with the developers who have been working on the game. Today our game designer Björn is answering some of your questions about the game and world design.

Which dinosaurs are going to be included?

The initial release will contain three classic all stars from the cretaceous period: Utahraptor, a medium sized, cunning predator that hunts in packs. Tyrannosaurus Rex, a brutal 6 ton predator that fears nothing, and last but not least, the lumbering tri-horned herbivore Triceratops. We have plans for additional species as well but we are not willing to discuss these right now as there are still some details to work out.


How much science has been involved in their design? Can you tell a bit about the research you’ve made?

We’ve approached these species as we would any species for theHunter, trying to learn as much about it the real deal as possible and finding ways to incorporate this knowledge into the game design. The result of this is that, unlike others in the entertainment industry (yes, you Hollywood), we’ve decided not to ignore the last 20 years of scientific research, which means that our creatures pack things like feathers and are 100% GMO free…

Of course, with species that went extinct millions of years ago the information on many characteristics is a bit sketchy, so we’ve had to resort to more creative guesses than we’re used too. The research is harder but it also allows us to focus on the characteristics that make sense for the game. For example, in cases where there are several conflicting theories about a specific detail, such as raptor hunting techniques, we can select the one that creates the most interesting (i.e. horrifying) experience for the player.


How will the dinosaurs behave?

Each species has a unique behavioural pattern. For example, the T-Rex will more or less charge you on sight while raptors are more cunning and will coordinate attacks as a team. Mr Trihorn, on the other hand, is a herbivore so it will choose flight over fight unless seriously cornered.

Can you tell a bit about the world of Primal?

The game is set on a yet to be discovered exoplanet with the environment mysteriously similar to the Jurassic/Cretaceous period on Earth. We’ve tried to approach the world design with the same amount of scientific detail as we did with our dinosaurs. I believe that this aspect of the game is fairly unique, as you will not only be able to experience realistic prehistoric creatures but also the environment they inhabited. Personally I find walking around in this environment to be a really cool and alien experience, as some species of flora that we take for granted in the present world, such as grass and deciduous trees did not exist back then, when ferns and pines dominated the biosphere.


Is it going to be a background story?

The lore of the game is something that we want players to discover themselves as they explore the world, the only thing I can say right now is that it is a very hostile and brutal world that very few venture to by a choice of their own and that dinosaurs may not be the only threat you’ll have to worry about…

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