Status Update

Hello hunters,

Here comes a usual status update from us.

Ballistics Tweaks

Following our yesterday’s game update, lots of you asked for more details on the ballistics tweaks that had been introduced for a number of weapons. As promised, Björn wrote down some information for you explaining what had been changed and what those changes would mean for the gameplay. Please read it in a separate post.

Summer Fiesta


To make the rest of your summer hunting a bit jollier and to help you savour the waiting for new species and reserve, we’ll be throwing a small event with a bunch of special challenges from Max the Taxidermist, Doc’s madcap buddy. The announcement and rules of the Fiesta event will be posted in the forums on Friday, so stay tuned.

German forum

German forum is currently being inaccessible due to an update error. We’re working on bringing it back, our apologies for this inconvenience to the German community!

Twitter milestone and #thehunterart

We’ve recently reached a milestone of 4000 followers on Twitter, so we ran a small screenshot competition called #thehunterart to thank you for your support.

Here are the 4 winning shots, senders of which received some em$ from us, plus the fifth (the lowest one) which got a special token award for the funniest screenshot:











Make sure to follow us on Twitter to learn about upcoming competitions and prize draws.

Happy hunting!


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Status Update

Hello hunters,

It’s time for a yet another status update, and here’s what’s been going on at EW:

Post-cloud-move turbulence

After we moved our game server to the cloud last week, as we’d anticipated, there has been a certain turmoil. In the week following the move we located and fixed more than 100 bugs, but there are still some serious residual bugs which we are aware of, both because of our own data and you reports in the forums (here, here and here). Here are the issues we are working on:

  • players not being able to confirm a kill
  • ”black screen” issue
  • security certificate issue in Firefox
  • connection problems when starting a new MP game
  • constant loading of a map, the landing page etc.
  • password recovery not working
  • misplaced equipment issue which happened yesterday and affected some players (their large equipment placed on the maps returned back to their inventories)

We sincerely apologize for all the troubles and issues that have been interrupting your games and causing you frustration! You can be sure that fixing them is our highest priority right now.

Community competition – Create the concept for a theHunter trophy


Our last art competition Design theHunter outfit was a big success, and the winning design by Gostwind, incorporated into the real theHunter outfit by our art wizard Tomas, finally became available in the store. So, we thought we’d do it again.

Many of you have been expressing your disliking of the coin trophies which are currently being awarded for our standard competitions. In all honesty, we share your opinion on those and have been thinking to replace them with something more appealing for ages. Our art team have decided to give you, our community, a say and decide what trophies you want to have. Today we are announcing a new art competition to create the concept for a theHunter trophy to replace our old coins. The rules are going to be very similar to the outfit competition. Read them here and good luck!

Someone new is looming on the horizon…

It hasn’t been long since we released the Canada Goose, and today we’re thrilled to give you a sneak peek at the new, totally different species coming soon to EHR. We are not ready yet to reveal what it is or when it is going to be released, but here some hints for anyone curious: the new animal will live in Settler Creeks and Logger’s Point, will come with a couple of unique gameplay features and here is how it will look like against the horizon:

new animal

That is all from us for today.

Happy hunting!


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Status Update

Hello hunters,

There was no status update last week, since we were busy with the beta test, so we’ve packed the news from the last two weeks together. And here you go:

Stress test on beta: Heads up and thanks

Last week we ran a stress test of our new server environment on Google App Engine, which many of you joined. Huge thanks to everyone who found time to participate, we really appreciate your help! In general, the test went well, the server managed to cope with the load. We’ve found some bugs and issues, which are being worked on right now. To release fixes for those, we’ll be doing server maintenance in the next couple of weeks, the exact date and time will be communicated well in advance.

New video competition: theHunter video trailer

It’s has been a while since our last video competition, so let’s do it again. This time we’d like you to create a short video trailer of the game. The trailer has to highlight the hallmarks of theHunter: stunning scenery, the tension of shooting an animal, action-packed gameplay. The winner will receive 5000 em$ or a ‘Pathfinder’ membership bundle, not to mention all the fame and glory. You can read the competition rules here.


Introducing changes in the bug handling process

Lately there has been growing frustration within the community regarding the way in which bugs and bug reports are handled. We appreciate your willingness to help us find and resolve bugs and we do acknowledge that there were some annoying issues that fell between the cracks in the past, so we’ve evaluated and revamped our process for collecting and documenting information about bugs.

There is a lot of internal work going on, but for you the most significant change is the new rules that apply to reporting bugs in the forum. From now on all submitted posts will undergo thorough pre-moderation, to ensure that only real issues with sufficient and relevant information find their way onto the development agenda, allowing the team to address bugs in a more efficient manner, without having to trawl through loads of often unrelated discussions. You can learn more about the changes in this announcement. We’ll also try to provide timely feedback in bug forum threads on the status of the issue, so the whole bug fixing process will hopefully become more open and transparent.

Like with any new process, there might be some bumps in the beginning, so we’re asking for your patience.

German forum volunteers wanted

As the highly valued admins of our German community forum MonacoSteve and Welsch are leaving their posts in favour of other duties, we are looking for volunteers who would be willing to step in and help us manage We are looking for Admins / Mods who speak fluent German and good English, are keen theHunter players and preferably have some experience with phpBB forum platforms.

If you’re interested or have any questions please send me a PM on the English or German forum.

That’s it for now, good hunting all!


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Announcing Easter Events 2014

Today we’re starting our Easter Events, which will run for the whole week and consist of 7 daily challenges. Each day there will be different species for you to hunt and you may feel free to use any ethical equipment, but it’s only 100% Harvest Value that counts, so choose your weapons wisely. (It might be helpful to refresh you knowledge on how the Harvest Value is calculated.) To make your life a bit easier, we’ve put together bundles with suggested weapons for each day, at very generous discounts.

10 winners of each day will receive em$ and these sweet Easter eggs trophies.

easter_2014_gold easter_2014_silver easter_2014_bronze easter_2014_hematite

The overall winners will be chosen based on the combined performance of each day of the event. The first three places will be awarded a brand new .300 Bolt Action Rifle – Carbon …

.300 Bolt Action Rifle

… and 1-month membership, places from 4 to 10 will receive Scent – Mega Mix Pack bundles. All 10 overall winners will receive the unique trophies:

easter_2014_set_1 easter_2014_set_2 easter_2014_set_3

Happy Egg-Hunting!

April 14th – Bear Day

Details: The combined score of your top scoring Black Bear and Brown Bear with 100% Harvest Value is your score.

Sales: Suggested weapons bundle – 35% off. Includes:  9.3×62 Anschütz 1780 D FL Bolt Action Rifle3-9x40mm Anschütz Rifle Scope, 3 x 9.3×62 Nosler Partition. All bundle items are also available at a separate 10% discount.

Licenses to hunt Brown and Black Bear – 25% off.


April 15th – Lightweight Deer Day

Details: The combined score of your top scoring Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Blacktail Deer and Roe Deer with 100% Harvest Value is your score.

Sales: Suggested weapons bundle – 25% off. Includes:  6.5×55 Blaser R8 Bolt Action Rifle, 3-9x42mm Rifle Scope with Blaser Saddle Mount, 3 x 6.5×55 Nosler AccuBond. All bundle items are also available at a separate 10% discount.

Licenses to hunt Whitetail, Blacktail and Roe Deer – 25% off.


April 16th – Upland Fowl Day

Details: The combined score of your top scoring Turkey and Pheasant with 100% Harvest Value is your score.

Sales: Suggested weapons bundle – 35% off. Includes:  12 GA Blaser F3 Game O/U Shotgun, 3 x 12 GA Birdshot Shells. All bundle items are also available at a separate 10% discount.

Licenses to hunt Turkey and Pheasant – 25% off.


April 17th – Waterfowl Day

Details: The combined score of your top scoring Mallard and Canada Goose with 100% Harvest Value is your score.

Sales: Suggested weapons bundle – 25% off. Includes:  20 GA Semi-Automatic Shotgun, 3 x 20 GA Birdshot Shells. All bundle items are also available at a separate 10% discount.

Licenses to hunt Mallard and Canada Goose – 25% off.


April 18th – Pig Day

Details: The combined score of your top scoring Feral Hog and Wild Boar with 100% Harvest Value is your score.

Sales: Suggested weapons bundle – 30% off. Includes:  .30-06 Lever Action Rifle, 4-8x32mm Rifle Scope, 3 x .30-06 Nosler Partition. All bundle items are also available at a separate 10% discount.

Licenses to hunt Feral Hog and Wild Boar – 25% off.


April 19th – Varmint Day

Details: The combined score of your top scoring Red Fox and Coyote  with 100% Harvest Value is your score.

Sales: Suggested weapons bundle – 35% off. Includes:  12GA Side By Side Shotgun, 3 x 12 GA Buckshot shells. All bundle items are also available at a separate 10% discount.

Licenses to hunt Red Fox and Coyote – 25% off.


April 20th – Heavyweight Deer Day

Details: The combined score of your top scoring Moose, Roosevelt Elk and Red Deer with 100% Harvest Value is your score.

Sales: Suggested weapons bundle – 30% off. Includes:  .300 Bolt Action Rifle, 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope, 3 x .300 Nosler AccuBond. All bundle items are also available at a separate 10% discount.

Licenses to hunt Moose, Roosevelt Elk and Red Deer – 25% off.



1. Paf_Paf
2. Nonogt
3. davvious & Francis95
4. oliveratomix
5. Onkel666
6. Altering
7. CootDawg
8. elcore07
9. SchattenWolf
10. Bambinuccio


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Announcing Valentine’s Hunting Spree

theHUnter Valentine's hunting spree

It’s that day again, whether you love it or hate it. We’re celebrating it theHunter style, by taking a plunge into a three-day-long hunting spree where intricacy meets elegance.

Heart is the name of the game today, so the main challenge is to hit an animal in the heart. Each day there will be a different animal and a different weapon, with the difficulty level increasing from Friday to Sunday. We’ll be running sales on the items and licenses needed in the competitions and, as a special bonus, the Cupid arrows will be available in the store throughout the whole event at a very sweet price (it’s Valentine’s day after all).

The top 10 hunters of each day will be awarded with em$ and gorgeous trophies created by Oskar. Each trophy is unique, so you’ll have three chances to win a truly exclusive award. Yes, the competition will be fierce but so is love, isn’t it? 😉

Happy heart-hunting!


Valentine’s Hunting Spree


February 14th – Romantic Elk competition

Details: Roosevelt Elk vs. .30-06 Lever Action Rifle

Sales: .30-06 Lever Action Rifle, .30-06 Nosler Partition, 4-8x32mm Rifle Scope – up to 30% off. Roosevelt Elk license – 25% off. Bonus: Cupid arrows at 20% off

Trophies for the first 3 places:

valentine_2014_trophy_elk_01  valentine_2014_trophy_elk_02  valentine_2014_trophy_elk_03

Join now!


February 15th – Rosy Roe Deer competition

Details: Roe Deer vs. .270 Bolt Action Rifle

Sales: .270 Bolt Action Rifle, 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope, .270 Nosler Ballistic Tip – up to 25% off. Roe Deer license – 25% off. Bonus: Cupid arrows at 20% off

Trophies for the first 3 places:

Valentine's hunting spree - 1st place  valentine_2014_trophy_deer_02  valentine_2014_trophy_deer_03

Join now!


February 16th – Ravishing Red Fox competition

Details: Red Fox vs. Compound Bow “Snakebite”

Sales: Compound Bow “Snakebite”, Compound Arrows, Cupid Arrowsup to 40% off. Red Fox license – 25% off.

Trophies for the first 3 places:

valentine_2014_trophy_fox_01  valentine_2014_trophy_fox_02  valentine_2014_trophy_fox_03

Join now!

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Spot a Dev – Winners

You’ve blown us away with the amount and quality of the pictures you’ve taken during the Spot on Dev event and choosing the winners was by far not easy. The team was unanimous in choosing the winner, but when it came to 2nd and 3d places, it was a head to head race.

Here are the pictures that were chosen the winners:

1st place: theHunter T-Shirt and 3000em$ goes to destuy for this amazing photo of StigOlow:


2nd place: theHunter T-Shirt and 2000em$ goes to TPAKT0P for this gorgeous shot:


3d place was decided to divide between 3 hunters for these pictures:





& Mungo667:


All three hunters will receive theHunter T-Shirts and 1000em$.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who took part in the event, we had a blast, hope you too 😉

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Status Update

Hey you good hunters,

As promised, today we’re announcing a new event, namely…

Spot a Dev Competition

All members of our team will be roaming the Evergreen Hunting Reserves at different times Thursday through Friday and it’s your task to spot us. We’ll be wearing exclusive theHunter T-Shirts, so you can tell us apart from other players. The mission is simple – track down someone from our team, take a picture of them as a proof and post it in the competition thread. If you’re lucky, you’ll run into someone chatty (for example David ;)) and get a chance to have a good talk. The spotters who’ll manage to get best pictures will receive em$ and a cherry on top – that very exclusive theHunter T-Shirt. Make sure to read the complete competition rules in this forum thread.

To give you a hint who to look for, we took a team picture today (why, of course we’re wearing the same T-Shirts ;)). Here we are all, minus Pim, Danny, Andrés, Herman & Joachim all of whom are out of office today…

theHunter team

.. and plus David NAOutdoors checking in from across the globe:


So, keep your eyes peeled for the next two days and have fun dev-spotting!

Pim in the desert

Pim is now at a games conference in the USA, but he took some time to go shooting in the desert next to Vegas. Here he is, trying different weapons:

Pim_shooting_vegasPim shooting in Vegas       Pim shooting in Vegas

Cheating and fraud incidents uncovered

We have lately discovered a large amount of players who cheated by using game hacks. As you know, we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to cheaters, no matter members or guests, so all those players’ accounts were banned forever.

Another issue we’ve found out about is even more unpleasant. We discovered that someone was selling gift codes for theHunter em$ and memberships which were bought on our site with stolen credit card details. Since this is a crime, we’ll involve police into the investigation and, unfortunately, all players who’ve purchased such codes will lose their memberships, em$ and items bought using the codes. We’re asking you to always buy our memberships and em$ on our official site, to avoid losing money and becoming a fraud victim.

New Blaser missions

We’ve released 5 new missions featuring a Blaser shotgun, so make sure to lay your hands on those nifty weapons if you don’t have them yet.

Happy hunting and see you around!


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Winners of the Deployable Tutorial Video Competition

We’d like to start off with thanking all of you who have participated in this competition. We appreciate all your hard work and we were very impressed with your creations. For those of you who didn’t win, we hope to see you enter the next video competition.

Congratulations Pratze, we’ve chosen you to the winner for this competition. Your prize is either 5000 em$ or a “Pathfinder” Membership Bundle.

We’ve also decided to award a second price to a very good video that unfortunately got disqualified for breaking the 5 minute rule. Congratulations Calcobrena, your prize is either 2000 em$ or a “Wayfarer” Membership Bundle.

Finally, we’d also like to mention these contestants:




Once again, a big thanks to all participants. Great work!


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Video Competition 3 – Help others and win great prizes

It’s finally time for another video competition!

Same setup as before, help us help new players by creating short informative tutorial videos. On top of the fame and glory the winner will gain there’s a first prize of 5000 em$ or a “Pathfinder” Membership Bundle.

This time we want you to focus on the following items: Tree Stand, Ground Blind, Tripod Stand and Tents.

The video should:

  • Be 3-5 minutes long.
  • Show how to effectively use one or several of the selected items in order to become a more successful hunter
  • Contain additional tips and tricks
  • Be posted on YouTube

The video may contain:

  • Voice over, but not necessary
  • Info graphics and map images
  • Information on item specific characteristics and how they apply to different environments and species

The video must not contain:

  • Offensive language or content
  • Copyrighted material such as music or images

The winners will be selected by the dev team at Expansive Worlds AB. The winning videos will be posted on, Facebook. TheHunter’s YouTube channel, and every now and then, other social channels.

You submit your entry by posting it as a reply to this post.

Deadline for this competition is 6th of May 2013. The winners will be declared 13th of May 2013.

We reserves us the right to not select winners if the contributions doesn’t live up to the right standard. If a contribution contains profound/offensive language and/or copyrighted material it’ll automatically be disqualified.

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We’ve had two competitions running and it’s time to announce the winners.

Since we couldn’t agree on what video was the best one, we have decided to declare three winners in the Bear hunting tutorial video competition. So congratulations to Tygerwolfe, Hawkeman and Samurai004. We thought your tutorials were great and you’ll all get either 5000 em$ or a “Pathfinder” Membership Bundle.

Check their videos out here:




Congratulations to all three of you. Keep up the good work!

We also had a joint competition with our friends over at Matomy over the weekend. The players that completed the most offers through Matomy would win Cupid arrow packs. And the winner are as follows:

Winners of 4 Cupid Arrow packs:

  • mickeys3000
  • junior44
  • kasiopaia

Winners of 3 Cupid Arrow packs:

  • Billybobjoy
  • Kingfuzz
  • Emmahunter

Winners of 2 Cupid Arrow packs:

  • Murgatroyd
  • Saldas
  • Broadwing
  • Buckshotal

Congratulations! We’ve added the arrows to your accounts and we hope you’ll have a lot of fun using them.

Happy hunting!


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