Game Update – Competitions and QoL


Howdy Hunters!

We’ve put together some serious QoL fixes for you in this release, most of them about the Competitions and competitive spirit theHunter Classic is famous for:

✅ The gm$ limit has been increased to 99 999 999 instead of 999 999. Believe it or not, Some players complained that they cannot earn more than a million.
✅ Locations mentioned in the WRR travel missions are shown as exclamation marks on the Hunter Mate now.
✅ Event missions become inactive once the event is over.
✅ Points for event competitions did not always apply automatically, fixed now.
✅ Score system has been slightly updated for animals scored purely by weight like ptarmigans and the rabbit family, and any animals scored by skull size to add more differentiation to the harvested animals and decrease the number of players sharing places in leaderboards. As a side effect, all scores now have 4 decimals. We understand that this is a small step away from realism, but hope it will increase the competitive aspect and eliminate dozens of similar scores in the leaderboards. Please note that all previous harvests will stay as is, but an extra zero will be added to the score there for consistency. Only new harvests will have the proper 4 decimals in the score, therefore we released it today together with a new season start.

A major update of competitions:

✅ All regular competitions were re-scheduled completely to keep the balance for the simultaneously running competitions (and another reason you’ll find out soon :) ).
✅ All animal trophies are updated with brand new ones.
✅ Unpopular competitions largely replaced with the new ones in rotation. Let us know if you want more new comps in the regular rotation!
✅ Bugfixes (missing/incorrect ammo and weapons, missing info in description, etc).
✅ Updated headers (some animals missed it and used the generic one). All single animal comps now have pretty new headers for you to enjoy.
✅ The formatting of all competitions has been changed for better readability and consistency.

Unfortunately, this will cause a problem with translations – as any changed string becomes untranslated. We sincerely apologize for that (both to you and the translation teams)! We will catch up with any that are still untranslated as quickly as we can.

Grab the Update HERE on Steam.

Well, that’s it for now. Look forward to more from us soon!

Happy hunting!

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Game Update – Trophy Poses &


Howdy Hunters!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and we’re getting busier. Try out this new content for your playing pleasure:

What’s New?

✅ Max finally managed the trophy poses for the remaining animals, namely American Black Duck, Canada Goose, Gadwall, Magpie Goose, Mallard Duck, Pheasant, Northern Pintail, Rock Ptarmigan, White-tailed Ptarmigan, Willow Ptarmigan, and Snow Goose. Check them out at the store, there’s already a bundle for this batch.

✅ Whiterime Ridge now has some travel missions for you to sink your teeth into, courtesy of our dear friend Orpingalik. Let us know what other missions you’d like to see in the EHR!

✅ We accidentally rolled back the recent bug fixes of Bobcat’s and Lynx’s sounds and internal organs with the Mom’s Day release. Now we ‘fixed’ it again. Sorry for that. We won’t let it happen again.


We’ll be back soon with more cool stuff for you.

Until then, Happy Hunting!

Grab the Update HERE and see what all the fuss is about.

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Game Update – Bug Fixes


Howdy Hunters!

We’ve been continuing our campaign against the scourge of bugs and here’s the list:

Bug Fixes

✅ Eurasian Lynx internal organs fixed now, it was impossible to hit any.

✅ Bobcat’s and Eurasian Lynx’s sounds were reverted, as they used to be before Puma release.

✅ Fixed the Score/Weight estimations on day 2 of hunting, as it used to show the parameters of the animals from the first day.

✅ Fixed the problem with some non-Latin characters in-game (i.e. ń, é, ń, ř, Cyrillic characters, etc).

✅ Sometimes the language of Daily missions switched to English even if translation existed. It is fixed now.

✅ Competitions’ leaderboard is fixed to be ordered by timestamp in case of equal results.

✅ “Going Uphill” mission missed the ‘male’ condition in the code, fixed now.

✅ Em$ purchase for Costa Rica and Vietnam is available now

✅ Removed achievements for .17 HMR (Engraved) and .300 Bolt Action Rifle (Muddy Girl) as these are difficult to get and it affects the overall achievements’ progress


✅ Removed Non-typical deer species from the Skills list, as they shared the skills with Typicals anyway

✅ Clicking the gm$ or em$ buttons of the launcher’s top menu goes to the appropriate Purchase history page (instead of the general Bank purchase history)

We’ll have more for you soon!

Grab the Update HERE and see what all the fuss is about.

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Game Update – Daily Missions


Howdy Hunters!

We’re chuffed to bring you an overhaul to the Daily Missions feature and some UI tweaks to make hanging out in the EHR yet more fun.

✅ Added separate achievements for Daily Missions
✅ Added Special Rewards for the Daily Mission streak. There will be 2 new trophies (x3 variations each) and new exclusive items (3 clothes and 2 weapons’ re-skins). Few examples, for completion of the 5th Hard DM in a row, the player will get a Hunting Cap (Tropical Camo), for the 15th Hard DM – .300 Bolt Action Rifle (Muddy Girl skin) and for the 29th – .17 HMR Lever Action Rifle (Engraved). It is fully described in the Help Section if you need to check up on something. You will not need to start your streak over again, you will get these rewards up to your current level once you complete your next Daily Mission.
✅ Some UI tweaks of Daily Missions section for better visualization
✅ Males/females species’ images separation
✅ Added 30 new Daily Missions
✅ This Video from HooCairs will show you all the items you can win as rewards as you extend your streak.

We’ll be back soon with more, so look forward to it.

Grab the Update on Steam and see what all the fuss is about.

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Timbergold Trails Travel Missions Pack and new Trophy Poses


Howdy Hunters!

Max the Taxidermist and his team have already brought out more trophy poses for you in this update! We’ve got Banteng, Bighorn Sheep, Cottontail Rabbit, Eurasian Lynx, Polar Bear, Red Fox, Rusa Deer, Sambar Deer, and Snowshoe Hare now each with 4 poses for you to check out at the store. By the way, They’re already bundled

✅ Check out the new trophy poses here

✅ Been having trouble finding your way around Timbergold Trails? Join a new character and learn the layout of TGT with the new (and free) Timbergold Travel Missions Pack.

Grab the Update and see what all the fuss is about.

Happy Hunting and a big thank you to all our Beta testers!

If you are interested in joining our localization team please write us an email at:

That’s all for now folks, we’re all very excited about the new animal and we hope you are too.
Let us know what you think and as usual please give us a shout should you find any issues.

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Game Update


Howdy Hunters!

We’re back with more tweaks to make life in the EHR even more fun!

Here’s what you will find in this Update:

Bug fixes:

✅ Sometimes animals did not react to the non-vital body shots at all. Fixed now.
✅ The translation of titles in the launcher was broken in some languages (they contained exclamation marks instead of spaces), we finally fixed it.
✅ Missions that require a shot to the heart OR lungs did not work properly, fixed now.

Then some improvements to your experience:

Experience Improvements

✅ A taxidermize confirmation box has been added to avoid unwanted animal taxidermize by miss clicking.
✅ The maximum amount of tents to be deployed per reserve has been increased to 10
✅ Deployable Hunting Towers and Tripod Stands have a rotation option during the deploying

And finally, a number of bundles have been added for more convenient shopping:


✅ Classic Starter Weapon Bundle
✅ Lots of Pockets Bundle
✅ Oldschool Hunter
✅ Long Range Equipment Bundle
✅ Premium Long Range Equipment Bundle
✅ Going Large Bundle
✅ Small But Mighty Bundle
✅ Mad Hatter Bundle
✅ Canada Goose Equipment Bundle
✅ Mallard Equipment Bundle
✅ Magpie Goose Decoy Full Spread Bundle
✅ Magpie Goose Decoy Quarter Spread Bundle
✅ The Geese Are Spinning (Magpie Goose)
✅ The Geese Are Spinning (Snow Goose)

If you are interested in joining our localization team please write us an email at:

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Game Update: Puma


Howdy hunters!
The time has come for a new game update! A major one this time, as a new species is being introduced to the Evergreen Hunting Reserve.

Ladies and gents, please welcome our new addition to Timbergold Trails: the Puma! (aka Mountain Lion, aka Cougar, aka Catamount etc. this animal has about 40 names in English alone!)

The majestic feline has been spotted in the mountains north-west of the reserve and sometimes in the hills south of the river. Be careful though, as occasional attacks on humans have been reported!

Together with the new cat, a few new items have arrived in the Store to help you hunt this elusive predator:

Puma Scent Spray
Puma Electronic Caller Add-on


As well as something to make your trophy shots look gorgeous:

Puma Trophy Shot Poses


On top of that, Puma has been added to the list of animals that can be attracted using:

Predator “Jackrabbit” Caller
Motion Predator Decoy (Double Tail)
Motion Predator Decoy (Rabbit)

Here’s a cool video from veteran hunter and content creator HooCairs taking a first look at the new feline:


Last but not least, our translators have been very busy making sure theHunter Classic speaks your language, and we want to thank them for the awesome job they are doing!
On that note, we are still looking for translators for the following languages:

● French
● Danish
● Dutch

If you are interested in joining our localization team please write us an email at:

That’s all for now folks, we’re all very excited about the new animal and we hope you are too.

Let us know what you think and as usual please give us a shout should you find any issues.

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Game Update: Daily Missions


Howdy hunters!

Today we are glad to introduce a brand new feature to theHunter Classic: Daily Missions!

This is a completely new mission system that we hope will provide you with extra entertainment, as well as give you one more way to earn gm$.


✅  In the Launcher (or Website) you can now find a new section under Missions called Daily Missions (DM from now on).

✅  Each day every player receives a new DM to complete. Different players will receive different DMs.

✅  By completing a DM every day increases your DM streak by 1.

✅  Skipping or failing to complete a Daily Mission will break your DM streak and will bring you back to day one.

✅  DMs come in three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard.


✅  Each difficulty level has different base rewards: 100 gm$ for Easy, 500 gm$ for Medium, and 1000 gm$ for Hard respectively.

✅  Your first DM will be an Easy one, then DMs of different difficulty levels will alternate according to a pattern that we call a “cycle”. A cycle looks like this: E-E-E-M-E-E-E-M-E-E-E-M-E-E-E-H (where E stands for Easy, M for Medium, and H for Hard). As you can see a cycle lasts for 16 days, provided of course that you keep completing the DMs that are assigned to you.


Example of cycle

✅  Once the first cycle is completed, a new cycle begins with gm$ rewards increased by 10% (Easy = 110 gm$, Medium = 550 gm$, Hard =1100 gm$).

✅  With every subsequent cycle, rewards increase by an extra 10% up to a maximum of double the amount of the original rewards (a 100% increase). So for example, if you manage to complete 10 cycles in a row without breaking your streak you will then receive a x2 reward for each mission which will continue until you break your streak.


✅  As they’re meant to be completed in one day, DMs are supposed to be overall quite simple and will not require specific weapons or equipment.

✅  Unlike regular missions, for a harvest to be valid in DMs, you will have to kill the animal yourself. Friends can still help you find the required animal in a Multiplayer session though.

✅  Unlike regular missions, Daily Missions don’t need to be activated. A Daily Mission is always active for the time it lasts (24 hours).

✅  The Daily Missions system does not replace the existing Missions system (which has been now renamed: “Regular Missions”).


With the introduction of Daily Missions, a new service is available in the Store under “Services”:daily_missions_game_update_card

Resume Daily Missions Streak – allows you to resume a DM’s streak. For example, if you have a long streak of completed DMs and then missed or failed a DM, you can use this service to resume your streak and continue from your last completed DM.

The good thing is, it doesn’t matter how much time has passed since you broke your streak, you will always be able to resume it – even if you broke it, say, a year before.

This service can be purchased in advance and activated when needed. There is no limit to how many of these cards you can purchase or own.

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Game Update

animal_poses_2_game_updates_800x450Howdy hunters!
We have just made a new release with a few fixes and some new content.
Here’s the changelog:


Added 10 brand new Animal Trophy Shot Poses packs:

✅ Mule Deer
✅ Blacktail Deer
✅ Black Bear
✅ Wild Boar
✅ Brown Bear
✅ Bison
✅ Feral Goat
✅ Dall Sheep
✅ Grizzly Bear
✅ Roe Deer

You can find them in the Store individually for sale or in one convenient Bundle!


✅ Fixed an issue with the E-Caller UI where it would disappear after a specific series of actions.
✅ Fixed a bug where shooting some animals with 12 GA Buckshot ammo on localized versions of the game would cause the game to crash.
✅ Fixed a bug where sometimes the camera rotation freezed during a Trophy shot.
✅ Fixed a bug where taking a Trophy shot of an animal floating in the water would cause the game to crash.
✅ Few minor fixes in missions and competitions (6 missions and 2 competitions have been updated). Thank you for your feedback and please continue to send it, we are on a mission (excuse the pun!) to fix them all!


✅ We have increased the power of .308 rifles in response to overwhelming feedback in that direction. Now you will find two types of ammo in the Store: the .308 Handgun Edition for handguns only and the .308 Rifle Edition for rifles. We hope you can finally enjoy the true power of .308 rifles now!

Here’s a great video by Content Creator HooCairs showcasing the new .308 Rifle Edition ammo:

✅ Added a new key binding to “Unfreeze animal pose” during a trophy shot. You can find it under Options > Key Bindings > Trophy Shot (default key: ).
✅ 7 Mission Packs have been updated with improved descriptions:

  • Blacktail Deer Missions
  • Snowshoe Hare Missions
  • European Rabbit Missions
  • Coyote Missions
  • Rougarou Bayou Travel Missions
  • Roosevelt Elk Missions
  • Whitehart Travel Missions

Special thanks to community member TheSheWolf for reviewing and proofreading the mission’s text!

We hope you enjoy this update, and as usual please let us know if you bump into any issues!

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Autumn Bugfixes

autumn_bugfixes_800x450Howdy hunters!
We have just released a patch with a few fixes.

Here’s the changelog:


✅ Fixed an issue where some animals fell through the ground during trophy shot mode.

✅ Fixed a bug where some animals could not be rotated in trophy shot mode when using predefined poses.

✅ Fixed a bug where a player might see another player moving in some weird pose while in trophy shot mode, in a multiplayer game.

✅ Fixed a bug where the Albino Female Moose would look like a normal one in a Trophy Lodge.

✅ Few minor fixes in missions and competitions. Thank you for your feedback and please continue to send it, we are on a mission (excuse the pun!) to fix them all!


✅ People were able to download the free equipment DLC on Steam multiple times by using multiple Steam accounts. This is now fixed, any theHunter Classic account can only download the DLC once.

✅ The outline of deployable items could be exploited to see animals far away through the environment. This is now fixed and cannot be used as an advantage any longer.

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