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When we monitor our communication channels (Forum, Steam, Discord, Facebook, and others) we’re so proud of how kind and helpful our community is (another huge thanks for that!). Any new player gets proper suggestions and advice instantly. On the other hand, we felt guilty we weren’t so helpful ourselves, as Classic is quite difficult for new players. Therefore, we decided we needed to do our bit too, and we started with re-doing the Tutorials from scratch. For now, we are glad to present two brand new tutorials to you: The Basics and Tower Usage, to be followed by a few others which are in progress and will be added later. We hope it will help our new players understand the game’s hunting techniques better and grow our beloved community!

Please note that this update is bigger than usual due to some small internal changes that have caused Steam to recalculate a few extra files… We’ve done what we can to mitigate the size but unfortunately, we can’t reduce it any further.

Grab the Update HERE on Steam.

Happy hunting!

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From the Community


Howdy Hunters!

Our update this time is focused on our community. A few months ago we asked you to come up with some bundles you’d like to see in the store for the 3 Reserves that didn’t have any Loadouts (Timbergold Trails, Whiterime Ridge, and Piccabeen Bay) and to submit some competitions that you’d like to see run. The bundles are available in the store, and the comps are being introduced as we finish testing them.

✅ Check out the Loadouts on the Bundles page in the store
✅ We’re starting with two extra community comps per week (Mondays and Wednesdays) and we’ll be adding more to the schedule as they’re ready.

As usual, let us know if you come across any problems with the fixes.

We’ll be back soon with more, look forward to it!

Grab the Update HERE on Steam.

Happy hunting!

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Game Update – Axis Deer Update



Howdy Hunters,

The Axis gets its first update today, so grab it while it’s hot! The update includes:

✅ 3 new color variations (‘Dark’ only for males, ‘Orange’ only for females, ‘Piebald’ for both genders). ‘Dark’ and ‘Orange’ are color variations, ‘Piebald’ is a rarity (in addition to ‘Melanistic’ and ‘Albino’).

✅ Axis Deer missions pack

✅ Axis Deer comps are ready and included in the competition schedule with their first appearance on the 18th.

Bug fixes:

✅ explanations added to the scoresheet (only for new harvests)

✅ fixed an animation when the Axis Deer rotated to 180 degrees and back

✅ added Axis Deer achievements to Steam

✅ Axis Deer equipment can now be easily saved to the loadout

If you can’t wait to see the new colors, check out this video from HooCairs for a sneak peek.

Grab the update on Steam!

Until next time, happy hunting!


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Game Update – Bug Fixes and QoL


Howdy Hunters!

Small release this time with some QoL fixes, bug fixes and a few bundles to tide you over. Look forward to the next big release!

✅ We’ve changed the way the Daily Missions behave after the streak break. Daily Missions automatically activated after the streak break which made the Resume Streak a broken feature. Now the Daily Missions will remain inactive until players choose to activate the new streak or resume the last one.
✅ “Recruit a friend” has been slightly updated. Sometimes it did not work properly and we fixed that. We also changed few item rewards to avoid repetitions, as well as added more clear explanations of how the referral system works.

Few regular missions fixes:

✅ ‘Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle’ – conditions fixed to work properly
✅ Whiterime Ridge Travel Missions – coordinates for some places were fixed in descriptions to be more precise

We also added few bundles to the store based on the community suggestions:

✅ Silenced Geese Bundle for Snow Goose hunting
✅ American Duck Bundle for American Black Duck hunting
✅ Predator Bundle for small to large game

Seriously, look forward to it.

Grab the Update HERE on Steam.

That’s all for now!

Happy Hunting!

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Game Update – QoL and Bug Squashing


Howdy Hunters!

We have another small set of QoL improvements ready for you! It includes:

✅ In-game chat now supports Cyrillic characters.
✅ E-caller now has an outline once you click B (by default) button to make it easier to find :)
✅ A bug that sometimes allowed players to put any ammo into any weapon is fixed now. So there is no way to shoot an arrow using a shotgun anymore. Sorry to people that enjoyed that, but it was a bug, not a feature.
✅ Store descriptions have been updated for lodges and dogs to be clearer.
✅10-years anniversary jackets sometimes didn’t award automatically, now fixed.
✅ All bugs for the recently added competitions found by players have been fixed too. Thanks for your help!

A few missions fixed:
✅ ‘Specific Accuracy’ (Traditional Bow missions) – description fixed
✅ ‘Barely Seeing Red’ (Red Kangaroo missions) – description fixed
✅ ‘Preparing For The Feast’ (Settler Creeks Travel missions) – weapons fixed to support all Compound Bows
✅  ‘Payback’ (Roe Deer missions) – description fixed
✅ ‘Patient Zero’ (Sambar Deer missions) – fixed the parameters to work properly according to its description
✅ ‘Rock and Roll’ (Rocky Mountain Elk missions) – weapons fixed to support all ethical rifles

As usual, let us know if you come across any problems with the fixes.

We’ll be back soon with more, look forward to it!

Grab the Update HERE on Steam.

Happy hunting!

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Game Update – Competitions and QoL


Howdy Hunters!

We’ve put together some serious QoL fixes for you in this release, most of them about the Competitions and competitive spirit theHunter Classic is famous for:

✅ The gm$ limit has been increased to 99 999 999 instead of 999 999. Believe it or not, Some players complained that they cannot earn more than a million.
✅ Locations mentioned in the WRR travel missions are shown as exclamation marks on the Hunter Mate now.
✅ Event missions become inactive once the event is over.
✅ Points for event competitions did not always apply automatically, fixed now.
✅ Score system has been slightly updated for animals scored purely by weight like ptarmigans and the rabbit family, and any animals scored by skull size to add more differentiation to the harvested animals and decrease the number of players sharing places in leaderboards. As a side effect, all scores now have 4 decimals. We understand that this is a small step away from realism, but hope it will increase the competitive aspect and eliminate dozens of similar scores in the leaderboards. Please note that all previous harvests will stay as is, but an extra zero will be added to the score there for consistency. Only new harvests will have the proper 4 decimals in the score, therefore we released it today together with a new season start.

A major update of competitions:

✅ All regular competitions were re-scheduled completely to keep the balance for the simultaneously running competitions (and another reason you’ll find out soon :) ).
✅ All animal trophies are updated with brand new ones.
✅ Unpopular competitions largely replaced with the new ones in rotation. Let us know if you want more new comps in the regular rotation!
✅ Bugfixes (missing/incorrect ammo and weapons, missing info in description, etc).
✅ Updated headers (some animals missed it and used the generic one). All single animal comps now have pretty new headers for you to enjoy.
✅ The formatting of all competitions has been changed for better readability and consistency.

Unfortunately, this will cause a problem with translations – as any changed string becomes untranslated. We sincerely apologize for that (both to you and the translation teams)! We will catch up with any that are still untranslated as quickly as we can.

Grab the Update HERE on Steam.

Well, that’s it for now. Look forward to more from us soon!

Happy hunting!

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Game Update – Trophy Poses &


Howdy Hunters!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and we’re getting busier. Try out this new content for your playing pleasure:

What’s New?

✅ Max finally managed the trophy poses for the remaining animals, namely American Black Duck, Canada Goose, Gadwall, Magpie Goose, Mallard Duck, Pheasant, Northern Pintail, Rock Ptarmigan, White-tailed Ptarmigan, Willow Ptarmigan, and Snow Goose. Check them out at the store, there’s already a bundle for this batch.

✅ Whiterime Ridge now has some travel missions for you to sink your teeth into, courtesy of our dear friend Orpingalik. Let us know what other missions you’d like to see in the EHR!

✅ We accidentally rolled back the recent bug fixes of Bobcat’s and Lynx’s sounds and internal organs with the Mom’s Day release. Now we ‘fixed’ it again. Sorry for that. We won’t let it happen again.


We’ll be back soon with more cool stuff for you.

Until then, Happy Hunting!

Grab the Update HERE and see what all the fuss is about.

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Game Update – Bug Fixes


Howdy Hunters!

We’ve been continuing our campaign against the scourge of bugs and here’s the list:

Bug Fixes

✅ Eurasian Lynx internal organs fixed now, it was impossible to hit any.

✅ Bobcat’s and Eurasian Lynx’s sounds were reverted, as they used to be before Puma release.

✅ Fixed the Score/Weight estimations on day 2 of hunting, as it used to show the parameters of the animals from the first day.

✅ Fixed the problem with some non-Latin characters in-game (i.e. ń, é, ń, ř, Cyrillic characters, etc).

✅ Sometimes the language of Daily missions switched to English even if translation existed. It is fixed now.

✅ Competitions’ leaderboard is fixed to be ordered by timestamp in case of equal results.

✅ “Going Uphill” mission missed the ‘male’ condition in the code, fixed now.

✅ Em$ purchase for Costa Rica and Vietnam is available now

✅ Removed achievements for .17 HMR (Engraved) and .300 Bolt Action Rifle (Muddy Girl) as these are difficult to get and it affects the overall achievements’ progress


✅ Removed Non-typical deer species from the Skills list, as they shared the skills with Typicals anyway

✅ Clicking the gm$ or em$ buttons of the launcher’s top menu goes to the appropriate Purchase history page (instead of the general Bank purchase history)

We’ll have more for you soon!

Grab the Update HERE and see what all the fuss is about.

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Game Update – Daily Missions


Howdy Hunters!

We’re chuffed to bring you an overhaul to the Daily Missions feature and some UI tweaks to make hanging out in the EHR yet more fun.

✅ Added separate achievements for Daily Missions
✅ Added Special Rewards for the Daily Mission streak. There will be 2 new trophies (x3 variations each) and new exclusive items (3 clothes and 2 weapons’ re-skins). Few examples, for completion of the 5th Hard DM in a row, the player will get a Hunting Cap (Tropical Camo), for the 15th Hard DM – .300 Bolt Action Rifle (Muddy Girl skin) and for the 29th – .17 HMR Lever Action Rifle (Engraved). It is fully described in the Help Section if you need to check up on something. You will not need to start your streak over again, you will get these rewards up to your current level once you complete your next Daily Mission.
✅ Some UI tweaks of Daily Missions section for better visualization
✅ Males/females species’ images separation
✅ Added 30 new Daily Missions
✅ This Video from HooCairs will show you all the items you can win as rewards as you extend your streak.

We’ll be back soon with more, so look forward to it.

Grab the Update on Steam and see what all the fuss is about.

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Timbergold Trails Travel Missions Pack and new Trophy Poses


Howdy Hunters!

Max the Taxidermist and his team have already brought out more trophy poses for you in this update! We’ve got Banteng, Bighorn Sheep, Cottontail Rabbit, Eurasian Lynx, Polar Bear, Red Fox, Rusa Deer, Sambar Deer, and Snowshoe Hare now each with 4 poses for you to check out at the store. By the way, They’re already bundled

✅ Check out the new trophy poses here

✅ Been having trouble finding your way around Timbergold Trails? Join a new character and learn the layout of TGT with the new (and free) Timbergold Travel Missions Pack.

Grab the Update and see what all the fuss is about.

Happy Hunting and a big thank you to all our Beta testers!

If you are interested in joining our localization team please write us an email at:

That’s all for now folks, we’re all very excited about the new animal and we hope you are too.
Let us know what you think and as usual please give us a shout should you find any issues.

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