Server Update

  • Now the server closes the hunt expedition even if game is not closed properly.
  • Now the server saves more information about the hunt until the expedition is closed properly.
  • Old games since before the update will be closed, but clues, spots, skills and distance travelled will not be updated. (We’ll start closing old games on Monday, once we are sure everything works as intended.)
  • We will start saving kills in another way, which means old hunting statistics will take some time to update. More information on the time it takes to move all data will follow.
  • We will start saving multiplayer sessions in another database to speed up server listing.


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Server Update

Bug Fixes
* Fixed issue where avatar photos were not set as uploaded in the database causing avatar photos to disappear after some time.
* Added some missing translation to competition, mission and leaderboard pages.
* Fixed issue with all attachments to weapons being called “6,5×55 Nosler Accubond” when hovering over them.
* Added the score sheet page to animals even if the score is 0.
* Correct language is now used when starting the game from Steam.
* All goose decoys are now being counted on the map.
* Clicking the Bundles category no longer opens the Mallard License subcategory in the menu.

* Added translation to variation names for items in the Store (eg. ‘Huginn’, ‘Carbon’, ‘Liberator’ etc.)


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Status Update

Hello hunters,

It’s time for a yet another status update, and here’s what’s been going on at EW:

Post-cloud-move turbulence

After we moved our game server to the cloud last week, as we’d anticipated, there has been a certain turmoil. In the week following the move we located and fixed more than 100 bugs, but there are still some serious residual bugs which we are aware of, both because of our own data and you reports in the forums (here, here and here). Here are the issues we are working on:

  • players not being able to confirm a kill
  • ”black screen” issue
  • security certificate issue in Firefox
  • connection problems when starting a new MP game
  • constant loading of a map, the landing page etc.
  • password recovery not working
  • misplaced equipment issue which happened yesterday and affected some players (their large equipment placed on the maps returned back to their inventories)

We sincerely apologize for all the troubles and issues that have been interrupting your games and causing you frustration! You can be sure that fixing them is our highest priority right now.

Community competition – Create the concept for a theHunter trophy


Our last art competition Design theHunter outfit was a big success, and the winning design by Gostwind, incorporated into the real theHunter outfit by our art wizard Tomas, finally became available in the store. So, we thought we’d do it again.

Many of you have been expressing your disliking of the coin trophies which are currently being awarded for our standard competitions. In all honesty, we share your opinion on those and have been thinking to replace them with something more appealing for ages. Our art team have decided to give you, our community, a say and decide what trophies you want to have. Today we are announcing a new art competition to create the concept for a theHunter trophy to replace our old coins. The rules are going to be very similar to the outfit competition. Read them here and good luck!

Someone new is looming on the horizon…

It hasn’t been long since we released the Canada Goose, and today we’re thrilled to give you a sneak peek at the new, totally different species coming soon to EHR. We are not ready yet to reveal what it is or when it is going to be released, but here some hints for anyone curious: the new animal will live in Settler Creeks and Logger’s Point, will come with a couple of unique gameplay features and here is how it will look like against the horizon:

new animal

That is all from us for today.

Happy hunting!


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Scheduled Server Maintenance

On Wednesday, 7th May 2014 at 06:00 CEST, we will take down the servers for scheduled maintenance work. The estimated downtime is about 3 hours. During this period you will not be able to login to your game accounts nor start any game sessions. All sessions active at this time will be terminated, so please make sure to finish your hunts before 6:00 CEST to avoid losing your stats.

After the maintenance is complete we will continuously monitor the servers and take an immediate action if any irregular behaviors are identified. We will do our best to make sure that the downtime is as short as possible but, as with all server work, there might be uncertainties and setbacks.

You can stay updated during the downtime by monitoring our Facebook page and Twitter handle, as well as our temporary landing page on

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


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Call for server stress testing

There haven’t been any news from us for a while about the server move. We can tell you that the work is moving forward and we’re starting to see the end of it. As a part of the final preparation phase before the actual move, we’ll be doing some extensive testing of the new server environment, and we’d like to ask for your help. Everyone is welcomed to join, the more the better. Here are the details:

  • The testing will occur on our beta server and will run for 48 hours, starting from tomorrow, April 23rd, around 13:00 CET. If you try to login to the beta before then, you’ll get a error message ”your account was banned”.
  • Players will be able to hunt all animals, regardless of whether they are members or not, and will receive 20,000 em$ for testing purposes.
  • Please note that items you’ll have bought on our beta server won’t be transferred to your actual game account and you won’t be able to keep them or the remaining beta em$ once the test is over.
  • Testing on beta won’t have any impact on your actual game stats, hunter score, leaderboards etc.
  • Because it’s a stress test, server hiccups are likely to happen, so your game could crash or get disconnected, response time might be longer etc. There is no need to report those issues, the aim of the test is not collecting feedback but creating a huge server load.

How to participate in the testing:
1. Go to and log in with your theHunter login details
2. Download and install the beta game client from Downloads
3. Hunt!

Happy hunting!


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Moving to the cloud

As you know from our earlier status updates, we have been working on implementing a new server solution for Moving the code base to the cloud has been a major task for us, but a necessary one to keep up with the demands of new players coming in and make sure that the service is stable and minimize downtime.

This project is now coming to a close, and we will make the switch to the cloud during next week. Moving to the cloud will be a two step process, beginning at around 7 AM on the morning of Monday, March 17th. We will start by deploying the new, cloud prepared code to our current live server. This will cause some downtime, and any running games will be closed. Once we re-open the site, you should be able to play as you normally do.

When the code is up and running, we will monitor traffic for a while to make sure that everything is stable. Once we feel certain that everything is working as intended, we will once again close the site while we make the actual move to the cloud. This will happen within a few days from the first release, and will be announced in advance. This will again cause some downtime while we point our DNS servers towards the version of theHunter running in the cloud. Once the DNS change falls through, you will be able to access in the new server environment.

The move to the cloud means that we have been making a lot of code changes behind the scenes. Some features have seen minor noticeable upgrades or tweaks, but the site should look and feel pretty much the same as before. As always, is evolving and we will continue to monitor traffic and performance after we make the switch to get the site running as fast and bug-free as possible.

This update will also include the new inventory that we have previously mentioned. The new inventory works the same way as the old one, but major changes have been made to the way it handles your inventory data, and as a result many players will experience significantly shorter load times.


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Server Update – GM$

What is it?

A new currency that can be earned through play and used to buy a select number of items in the store.

How do I get it?

You can earn gm$ through completing missions and in some cases by winning competitions.

It is not possible to convert gm$ to em$ or vice versa.

What can I do with it?

Currently you can use gm$ to buy a select number of consumable items in the store such as ammo, licenses and scents. More may be added in the future.

Does this make memberships redundant?

While gm$ allows players to experience more of the game for free earning it is hard work and the most convenient option is still to get a paid membership. Memberships also come with additional benefits such as the ability to host multiplayer games and we are working on more membership exclusive features, one of which should come very soon…

Finally keep in mind that missions are finite so there’s a limit to how far you can go using only gm$.

Do I get gm$ for missions already completed before this update?

No, gm$ will only be awarded for missions completed after this update. There’s, however, a new option to reset missions which allows you to complete these missions again.

This is a paid option but we will allow one free reset during this first week so that everyone has a chance to get on the gm$ train without paying.

Missions can be reset by purchasing this item in the store.

What does gm$ stand for?

Gm$ is pronounced “gems” but other than that it’s just a currency like $,€ or gold, silver and sea shells. It doesn’t stand for anything unless you want it to.


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Server Update

– Animals licenses are now listed when hovering the mouse over your membership type

Bug Fixes
– Members now correctly always get 3 boxes of basic ammo for each owned weapon every time the client is started
– Tracer arrows and other ammo that have been purchased outside the membership no longer spontaneously disappear from the inventory*
– Empty ammo boxes and other consumables are now always removed correctly from the inventory when depleted
– Competition trophies, Em$ and “Doc messages” are now awarded correctly when competitions end**.

*We are working on restoring the ammo lost during the weekend to those affected. This should be completed in a couple of hours.

**We are working on restoring the trophies (Easter etc.) that went missing at the multiplayer launch.


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Server Update

We’ve upgraded the website today with the following changes:

* The Hunter Store has been remodeled, now it’s easier to compare the different memberships and membership bundles.
* A new membership bundle has been added, the “Pathfinder”, which includes 6 months membership, 4 weapons and 9 other items among other things.
* As a result of adding the “Pathfinder” membership bundle, the “Wayfarer” membership bundle will from now on include 3 months membership. This way it will be easier to compare it with the other membership bundles.
* Doc’s Outfitters has added item bundles to the stores inventory. For the time being you will find the “Bear Bait – Starter Kit”, the “Bear Bait – Discount Refill Pack” and the “Scent – Mega Mix Pack”. Check them out!

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