Status Update

Howdy hunters,

Welcome to the status update! It comes slightly belated this week since a lot of things have been happening at and around theHunter, but let’s hope that the old saying about all good things coming to those who wait, is true in this case. We’ve got a bunch of stuff to share with you, so sit back and enjoy.

Server downtime compensation

This Thursday we suffered server downtime. The servers were unstable for about 10 hours and the game was to a large extent, unplayable. We did a thorough investigation of what happened and discovered that the culprit was an old piece of code causing certain queries to run for far too long. Luna has now rewritten that code snippet and made sure that this would not happen again. We sincerely apologise for inconvenience and the game disruptions that it caused you! To compensate you for lost membership time, we’ve added 1 extra day to all current memberships. Thank you for your continuous support, in this matter and always!

Tropical forest animals and more

Are you ready for more news about our new reserve? We hope you are, ‘cause we’ve got some and then a little bit more. For one, there seems to have been confusion regarding the actual location, so here’s a reminder. It is inspired by the Australian tropical forest. However, as always with reserves in theHunter Classic, we allow ourselves creative freedom when it comes to flora, terrain, fauna selection and other reserve details, to make sure that the location provides fun and enjoyable gameplay and fits well in the existing theHunter-verse.

In this reserve you can expect to see some swamps with the mighty grumpy Water Buffalo splashing in the shallow waters, dense forest areas with Rusa Deer and Banteng, open beach for an occasional skittish Sambar Deer and, to mix up this antler and horn feast, we’ve also added some Feral Hogs for you. All in all, our intention is to create a location with rather challenging gameplay, due to the thick forest, and an array of unique species to make that challenge gratifying (and worthy of your trophy lodges). You will be our judges on whether we succeeded.

In the next status update we will be telling you more about the upcoming animals and the unique features we will be bringing with them. In the meantime, here are a couple of the WIP screenshots of the upcoming reserve. Enjoy!



theHunter_Classic_Tropical_reserve_WIPtheHunter_Classic_Tropical_reserve_WIP_2Also, it’s a time for us to start thinking about a name for the new location! And as always, we are turning to you, our community, who not only always know better but are brilliant at these things (remember Rougarou Bayou and Timbergold Trails? <3)

So, there you go, come up with a great name that will go with the existing EHR reserves and represent the uniqueness of the location we showed you in the screenshots. We are looking forward to your suggestions. Please share them in this thread!

Doc’s Shed opening


You might remember that some time ago Doc started clearing up the store of all the items he deemed as “chuff”, and putting them into his Shed. This week he took a stab at the store again and marked a couple of weapons to go there as well. On Monday all weapons and other items with the “Limited” tag will become unavailable and moved away, so grab them beforehand before it’s too late. On a brighter note, following many a community request, we managed to sneak our moustaches and the “Trapper hat – Skunk” out of the Doc’s Shed for a little while. It’s Thanksgiving time and Doc has been in an ok mood these days.

Events, events, events

thanksgiving_2017It’s holiday season again, and time for all the special fun that comes with it. This week we are running a Thanksgiving event with tiered Turkey competitions and missions, together with savoury trophies and yummy sales to go with them. Please note that competitions run until the end of this week and missions will be available until the end of the next one, December 3rd, to give you more time.

Black friday splash 2

One of the greatest Thanksgiving attributes – Black Friday sale – is already alive and kicking. We’ve discounted by 20% all items in the store (except for the recently released ones) for one day, until November 25th 11:00 CET, and all memberships and membership bundles (including membership bundles on our Steam store page)  until November 27th, 12:00 CET. So, if you’ve been drooling over for that shiny 10GA Shotgun, it’s now or never!

And finally, next week it’s happening. Our traditional Holiday Event with festive missions and competitions, trophies and other exciting stuff. Something you can not and should not miss. Truly the highlight of the year in theHunter Classic. Check back on December 1st to learn more about it and kick off your December with some glorious winter hunting!

That’s it from us for today.

Happy Turkey and bargain hunting!


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Status Update

Time for our weekly status update – enjoy!

Loadouts are here!

Today we are thrilled to present something which many of you have been suggesting and waiting for since the game first came out. Luna has done an incredible job on this feature and she even threw in some sweet extra inventory management stuff, including a smooth search function for your lodge inventory, stacking of duplicates, and the option to pre-select a saved Loadout directly from the launcher before starting a game. The latter will come in very handy when spawning at a non-heated tent in Whiterime Ridge 😉


Saved Loadouts are released as a premium feature, since they are not required to play or enjoy the game. You may continue to set up your equipment the gold old-fashioned way, like everyone has been doing for years. But if you are looking to shave some valuable time off your hunt setup and avoid having to check the wiki for camo and permitted ammo lists, then head to the store and purchase yourself some Loadouts. They are available separately or in bundles. For bundles we have introduced a small one, containing 5 Loadouts, and a large one which will be enough to get you covered for all the existing reserves. As promised, today we are also giving 1 free Loadout to all our current members, as a little thank you for your loyalty and support.

And more on that topic, we are also giving large bundles of Loadouts to the three winners of the “Share your favourite loadout competition”. Congratulations Askrobert1234, Seifer and J_Birdman! Not only are you the winners, but your winning entries will be added to the store as bundles for the rest of our community to make use of. Thank you!

Meet you in the tropics!

Since we announced last week that a new reserve is in the works, you kept us busy with your speculations, guesses and ruminations. There have been a few of you that have been absolutely spot on. Very impressive! This post was probably my favourite, since indeed, the 12th reserve in theHunter Classic is inspired by the Australian tropical forest. In the next weeks we will be telling you more about the gameplay details of the new map, as well as, of course, the fauna. In the meantime, who would you like to see which animals will be residing there?

Anti-virus false positives

We know that a number of players have been experiencing alerts from their anti-virus software following a recent game patch. We are still trying to establish which piece of code is responsible for triggering the alert, and we are also working closely with the relevant anti-virus software developers to ensure this does not happen in the future. In the meantime, please be assured that there is nothing suspicious about any of the executables included in theHunter. This is a false-positive alert that can be safely ignored.

Personal bests anyone?


With the Personal Bests function on our site undergoing re-evaluation, in case you would like to know what was your best scoring Moose ever, UHC Apps is a fantastic website developed by our community members caledonianblues and Tod1d, dedicated to all things theHunter, with a primary focus on hosting quality community competitions. In addition, the website includes some great tools for displaying theHunter stats, and the most recent addition is a very cool Personal Bests function that allows you to view your best trophies from any season, completely with CSV download for anyone who wants to manipulate the data in Excel or other applications.

We encourage you to check it out – please note that you will need to create an account. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s free.

Happy hunting!


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Status Update

Howdy hunters,

Welcome to another status update from your favourite game.

What’s in the works?


We haven’t updated you for quite some time about what we’ve been working on lately. The reason is that the whole team have been occupied with different parts of what’s going to become a new reserve! Any ideas about the location? 😉

Share with us your favourite loadout!


Another upcoming feature that we revealed last week – Loadouts – is having a nice ride through the testing phase and we are hoping to be able to present it to you very soon. To hype you up a bit, we’ve just launched a community competition, in which you have a chance to win a bundle with 11 upcoming Loadouts, one per each of the existing reserves in the EHR. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. All you need to do is to share with us your go-to loadout, the first one you will save with the help of the upcoming feature, in this thread.

Mid-November madness & Power of Panther

Early next week it’s time for our annual event – Mid-November Madness. Check back on Monday for more details and prepare for some mad hunting to commence!

And, of course, in case you missed it, we have a snazzy new firearm in the store – 6.5×55 Bolt Action Rifle Panther – and a matching Power of the Panther competition to kill your weekend successfully!

Staff update

A lot of team news recently, today we have even more of that! Our Marketing Coordinator Johanna is leaving us for pastures new – good luck Johanna, you shall be missed in our weekly streams! – and we have a new User Acquisition manager Daniel who joined us to help bring more new players to theHunter. You can say goodbye to Johanna in this thread and hello to Daniel in the thread to this status update.

ReedHey there,

I’m Daniel Reed and I am the new User Acquisition Manager here at Expansive Worlds. Originally from the UK, I’ve been living in Sweden for about 4 years and loving it. Been playing games since I was a kid with games like Cossacks and a random game called Rollcage. Now I play Overwatch about 4 times a week and spend my time looking for new, exciting indie games like Brothers. Looking forward to getting to know you Hunters more!

That’s it from us for today.

Happy hunting!


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Status Update

Hi there hunters,

Time for a status update!

Halloween recap

It’s been a crazy Halloween week, with your hunting skills and tenacity being put to the test in the special mission in the spooky Timbergold Trails. Only 479 hunters completed the whole pack and received the Werewolf trophy and T-shirt, if you are one of them – congratulations, it’s one of the most unique special event awards in theHunter Classic history.


Image by ronMctube

As always, we were closely monitoring and discussing your sentiments regarding the event and promise to take it all into account for next year. As I mentioned last time, we will work hard to get a special alloy for silver bullets done and ready for your next werewolf encounters, and – who knows! – maybe you will even be able to put then into your trophy lodges. We will also take into account your feedback about the second mission being too difficult and off-putting. But all in all, the event seems to have been a hit and the team enjoyed reading your comments as much as they enjoyed working on it. Thank you very much!

Trophy lodge customization – what do you think?

In all of the Halloween hoopla we felt like the new trophy lodge styles and gun racks didn’t receive as much attention as we hoped for, so we are curious whether you tried them out, what you think, what is your favourite one and, of course, whether you have any suggestions for future styles? Those you can share in this thread and even win some em$ if your suggestion catches our attention.

Pre-saved loadouts, anyone?

More on a production note, the team have been busy with something big that we hopefully will be ready to reveal to you soon. But what we are ready to tell you already today is that we’ve got a new cool feature lined up for you  – and believe it or not, it’s one the most requested things in theHunter Classic history, pre-saved inventory loadouts! It hasn’t been the fastest feature for us to develop, that’s why we were keeping it under the radar, but now, as we are moving into testing phase and Martin is busy trying to break it (and Luna is busy fixing what he managed to break) we are finally at the stage when we feel it’s safe to announce it’s coming. On the screenshot below you can see the work in progress – together with the loadouts we are also bringing some delicious freebies, such as searching inventory and stacking duplicate items. Pre-saved inventory loadouts will be available to purchase in the store, and all members will receive one for free at the release date as a thank you for their loyalty and support.

loadouts_sneak_peek Team update

And finally, some team news. As I am going on maternity leave at the end of December, we will have a new producer Bethany taking over the development of the game. Also, this week we welcomed a new assistant community manager – Mat a.k.a. TreeKiwi. We are super hyped to have Bethany and Mat onboard, please read their intros below and give them both a warm welcome!


Hello everyone! My name’s Bethany Ward and I have recently joined the team as Producer for theHunter Classic.

BethanyI grew up in Australia where I spent most of my time close to the bushland, rainforests, beaches and lakes. I have crossed paths with native animals such as red and grey kangaroos, as well as introduced game such as foxes, rabbits, and deer. Protected species such as koalas and wombats are a rare sight but I have been lucky enough to spot these as well. If you are ever out hiking in the Australian rainforest don’t let the most cheeky of Australian birds, the Lyrebird, fool you!

Recently I started a new adventure and crossed the globe to Stockholm to brave the dark winters, surströmming (maybe!?), and snow jackets. My hobbies include travelling, hiking, and meeting new people. I enjoy videogames of all kinds from realistic open world adventures to indie pixel art gems.

I’m very excited to be joining the community and look forward to contributing to the best hunting game out there, theHunter Classic!


Kia ora hunters!

MatWell, a lot of you will already know me, but my name’s TreeKiwi or Mat as my parents call me. All my ducks have lined up in a row and I am super excited to be part of the Expansive Worlds team. I will be working alongside Graham and the rest of the team as Associate Community Manager.

I am originally from Wellington, New Zealand but I have lived all over NZ and spent a few years in ‘Straya (Australian for Australia). I have been in the Arboriculture industry for the last 16 years and it’s sort of where my name Tree-Kiwi comes from :)

I grew up in a little rural community on a small farm, so I also hunt in real life. Most of my target species have been Goats, Pigs, Possums and Rabbits. Hunting in New Zealand is different to lots of the world, apart from waterfowl we don’t have any sessions. This is because all the land mammals in NZ are introduced and they have spread like the plague. So we are encouraged to shoot, trap and hunt as many as possible to try give our native forest, birds and reptiles a chance to rehabilitate.

I am so excited that I got this job and I hope that I can do the player base proud. I look forward to working with everyone here to keep bringing you the best hunting experience possible.



That’s it from us for today.

Happy hunting!


PS: In case you missed it, today we rolled out a pack of Grey Wolf competitions designed by tbug – enjoy!

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Status Update

Howdy hunters,

It’s time for a status update and we’ve got a nice and fat one for you today. For one, it’s …

Halloween time in theHunter Classic!

And it’s Timbergold Trails that gets haunted and hunted again. For one week we’re turning our glorious reserve into the location of utter scare and goosebumps material. Eerie sounds, howling winds and roaming Werewolves looking for lonely hunters’ souls to feast on. (Alas, we haven’t managed to develop silver bullets in time for this Halloween, so your only way to deal with Werewolf is to RUN! But we are working hard on getting the most powerful alloy in place for the next year.) There is also a mysterious graveyard next to the Everfall Lodge – you might want to check it out, but tread carefully, you never know what those ancient graves are hiding.  To halloween_2017start the Halloween action, head to Missions, activate the first one and be prepared for anything. The special mission pack will be active until November 1st and the bravest and most tenacious hunters getting to the end of it will receive a unique Werewolf trophy and a piece of clothing to commemorate their journey. We’ve also prepared some daily sales throughout the whole event  – shop and hunt on!


Customize your trophy lodges!


When in the middle of the unsettling Halloween missions, you might long for something safe and familiar to calm your nerves a bit, and your good ol’ trophy lodge is the place to turn to. You’ve been asking us for customization opportunities since the day of the release, and today we are thrilled to finally bring it on – unique trophy lodge styles and gun racks! We are starting with six styles, three per trophy lodge layout, and one gun rack option per trophy Lodge layout. If the interest in this feature is big, we won’t be stopping here as we want you to have as much freedom as possible turning your trophy lodge into a unique extension of your hunting self and the place where you feel at home.

Before purchasing a style or a gun rack, make sure to carefully read the store description – both types of items are unlocks, which means that once purchased they can be implemented in as many trophy lodges of the particular layout, Classy or Rustic, as you own.  Also, customization items for a Classy trophy lodge can not be used in Rustic ones and vice versa. We’ve also put together three bundles for those of you who want to have everything at a good price – Classy one, Rustic one and the Ultimate customization pack, featuring all six styles and both gun racks (please note that the bundles might take a while to appear in the store). Now, get creative with your trophy lodges and make sure to share screenshots of your refurbished hideaways with us!

Backpack giveaway winners

In the five days since the release of our new hunting backpacks we sold over 700 pieces. As promised, we raffled some nice stuff among everyone who bought one, and here are the lucky hunters, congratulations!

  • Timohasan gets a cool Fjällräven Greenland backpack (please send your address to our Community manager Graham to receive your prize)
  • helio2 – gets $1000 em$
  • JuanCarlos01 – gets $1000 em$
  • BobbySolo – gets $1000 em$

Now, we are curious to hear what you think of this kind of giveaways and whether you would like to see more similar events with real life hunting clothes and gear.

Introducing Doc’s Shed


In almost 9 (!) years of its existence, theHunter Classic has been busy producing and accumulating a mind boggling amount of content – reserves, animals, weapons, gear, clothes and whatnot. Our game truly and proudly has the richest, most abundant and diverse content among hunting games out there, which is an incredible achievement in itself. But that does not make our Doc that thrilled. Every time he looks at our bursting to the seams store, we hear him grumbling: “So much for my small and cozy Doc’s Hunting Outfitters!” He has already started putting away special event items, such as Football Jamboree caps and T-shirts, Movember moustaches and more, but now he decided to take a more serious stab at it, to clean up the store and make it easier for players not to get lost in the sheer magnitude of the stuff. All items that are a part of a special event, or promotion, or simply aren’t as popular, will be removed from the store and put away into Doc’s Shed. Once in a blue moon, for a special occasion, if the stars align and Doc’s in a good mood after receiving a particularly sweet private message from some of you, we might persuade him to open up his shed and put some things up for sale again (for example, the Halloween scary pumpkin facepaint will be available to buy for the duration of this Halloween event), but we can never guarantee that this will happen. You will be able to recognize items from Doc’s Shed by the tag “Limited” – if you see it, that item will be disappearing from the store soon. As an example, the Trapper tent we released for Thanksgiving 2014 is going to Doc’s Shed tomorrow, so today would be a good time to grab it if you like that style – luckily, it’s also on sale right now.

Say hello to Ahmed

As you might have seen in the forum, our support champion Adam is taking a farewell from Expansive Worlds. Thank you for all your hard work Adam, you’ve been a good hunter and we shall miss you! Replacing Adam in the noble craft of deleting your duplicate items and investigating any other game problems you might have, is Ahmed, our new Customer Support Manager. Check out his intro below and say hello in the forum!

AhmedHello everyone.

My name is Ahmed Sabri. I will be taking over from Adam as Customer Support Manager. It has been an amazing start working with him, but now his watch has ended (Game of Thrones pun intended.)

I was born and raised in Egypt until I was seventeen, then started travelling 8 years ago mainly all around Asia, until I landed and settled with the amazing teams of Expansive Worlds and Avalanche Studios.

I have been working in Customer Support since 2015, although I studied Chemical Engineering. Well, both fields despite their vast differences, aim to find the best solutions for everyone using technical knowledge. For me, assisting people and solving problems bring unique sense of achievement (a feeling I also found when I harvested my first kill in theHunter!)

In my free time I could be travelling abroad, hiking or running a Netflix marathon. I enjoy the contrasts of life from lying down in a park watching the clouds in peace; to bungee jumping from a 60-meter stand. You could say I’m mainly interested in everything that is thrilling and adrenaline-rushing (MASSIVE FORMULA ONE FAN). For that reason, I’m very excited to be here and to work on such an amazing game.

That’s it from us for today.

Happy haunting!


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Status Update

Howdy hunters,

With Graham travelling, I will be taking over the status updates for a while and without further ado, let’s dive into it, shall we?

Backpack Bonanza

Today we released three new backpacks for your avatars, in some of the most requested camo varieties: Arctic Winter, Winter Forest and Summer Swamp. Not only cool and stylish, but also adding to your concealment. What more could you wish for, eh?


We’re also celebrating the release of these bad boys with a cool giveaway. Everyone who buys a camo character backpack (not the basic one) before the end of this week, October 22nd, will be enrolled in a special raffle in which one lucky winner will take home this real life backpack. Made to the highest standards by Swedish company Fjällraven, it’s suitable for all outdoor adventures. We will also raffle three 1000 em$ gift codes amongst the rest of the entrants. The winners of the raffle will be announced in the next status update. Time to go shopping!

Spooky times
It’s starting to smell like Halloween and you know what that means 😉 The team has been busy preparing a new event for you and we think, well we’re pretty sure, that it’ll be scarier and spookier than anything you’ve seen in theHunter Classic so far. We’ve done everything from beast bunnies to plagued elk, but this time the EHR will be properly haunted by a very special creature. Maybe more than one!? You will see (and feel) it all yourself as all hell breaks loose next Thursday, October 26th. Be there to get your special mission assignment from Doc’s friend Gilles Garnier, a very curious character.


Level up twice as fast
And while we are on the topic of events, make sure to clear your calendar this weekend. We will be running a double XP event, during which your spotting, tracking and shooting skills will be increasing twice as fast – whoa!

And, finally…
…we dropped some raven feather collectables in Whiterime Ridge today – enjoy the new treasure!

Happy hunting!


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Status Update

Hi all!

Welcome to another weekly status update!  This time we haven’t quite so many goodies to talk about, but it doesn’t take a detective to work out that a little quiet period means we could be working towards something special.  Apparently Halloween is just around the corner? 😉

Let’s start with a new addition to the team!

Caroline Kullman färgHello! My name is Caroline Kullman and I’m new here to Expansive Worlds. I’m a part of Marketing, and will be working with video editing and 2D graphics which includes everything from video sequences and trailers to print and web material. I have previously worked as a packaging designer, freelancer and as an in-house designer. I’ve also worked as a photographer and more recently as an editing apprentice. In my spare time I like oil and watercolor painting, traveling and playing adventure/first-person shooter video games. I also probably have the world’s fluffiest cat named Gizmo which is the kindest and most gorgeous creature in existence. Looking forward to making some awesome content for you!

Bundles of bundles!


We hinted about the upcoming bundle week in our last Status Update, well now it’s in full swing!  Be sure to check the store each day between now and 23:59 Monday to pick up some bargains!

Taking on the Pack!


We introduced a shiny new set of 10 Grey Wolf missions to the existing selection.  First-up you’ll need to assist Tala with culling some particularly aggressive wolves, we’ll let you discover how the missions unfold from there!

This Week’s Free Rotation


This week we have two particularly fearsome targets for you to go after, the Grey Wolf and the lethal Roe Deer!  But seriously…no joke…the Roe deer, according to our logs, has been the perpetrator in their fair share of Hunter attacks!

Join in the discussion about this week’s Status Update here.

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Status Update

Hi all!

It’s Friday!  How about we celebrate the beginning of the weekend (and hopefully lots of hunting), with a status update?  First-up, this week’s new addition to the store, the 30R O/U Break-Action Rifle! 

Double the Barrels, Twice the Fun!

SplashScreen_30R (1)

The 30R O/U Break-Action Rifle is for the hunter that wants both serious stopping-power and the ability for a quick follow-up shot, all in the same package.  This rifle is right at home when used for all of the cervids, feral hogs, or even bears!  It’s also pretty darned beautiful to look at we think you’ll agree!

.30 R Double Barreled Rampage

splashscreen_30R_comp (1)

As is tradition for all new store arrivals, we’ve cooked up a coinciding competition.  For this challenge you’ll be tasked with using your shiny new purchase across a spread of species.  Sticking with our “double” theme, the best two combined weights of the target animals will go towards scoring.

Em$ and a trophy are both up for grabs, get to it!

Bundles of Bargains!

A little bird tells me that as of Monday our store bundles will be getting some extra attention!  Who knows, we might even see some fan-made suggestions in there. 😉  We recommend checking the store throughout the week to see if you can fill in some gaps in your hunting toolkit!

A View To A Kill

splashscreen_optics_sights_sale (1)

To keep you occupied before next week’s bundle extravaganza kicks-off we have a selection of popular optics to complement your loadout with.  The 7x42mm Rangefinder Binoculars are a personal favourite, and sure to be of help to those with a particular passion for bowhunting.

Winners of Our Stylishly Snapped Shed Competition!

We had a whole array of entries to our recent antler-shed competition, you can see our three winners (along with a special mention) below:

3rd Place – AngelOne63


This entry from AngelOne63  grabbed our attention primarily for the excellent use of facial ornamentation combined with that stylish day-glo yellow shirt!  Congrats to you!

2nd Place – Tana95


This shot had it all, a monster elk, a furry faithful hunting partner, AND a huge shed antler!

1st Place – Hawkeye


I chose this winner just for the sheer innovation in thinking to use shadows as their preferred medium.  Big congratulations!

And speaking of shadows…although it missed the deadline, we couldn’t not give Hoocairs a mention for this one!


Weekly Game Update

We of course had a game update this week.  There were some tweaks and adjustments to both the new comeback caller and the duck-call lanyard.  I recommend taking a look to see the latest changes.

And finally…a sneak peek at something new…

We know that trophy lodges have been a popular feature, so we thought we’d give you a little more freedom to “make them yours”.  Upcoming trophy lodge customisation options will give you various options to truly personalise your own hunting haven.  For example, do you prefer a rugged stonewalled feeling?

classy_style3 (1)

Or do rough-cut timber walls and parquet floors hold a stronger appeal?

classy_style2 (1)

Of course this is all work in progress, but we can’t wait to share with you the finished product!

There’s been plenty to share this week, as always please do join in discussion about this week’s news here.

Have a great weekend!

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Status Update

Hello Hunters!

It’s that time of the week again, time for us to tell you about the goings-on with Hunter Classic for the past week!

Let’s begin with this week’s new content:

It’s Cool to Call, Ducks!

This week’s new additions to the game are all about ducks, getting more of them, and more conveniently.

First up we have the new Duck Comeback Caller.  

Are some ducks playing hard to get and simply refusing to come and hang-out with your carefully place decoy spread?  This caller is just what you need to tempt the more stubborn ducks out of their flock, and into your gunsights.  Best used in conjunction with the Mallard Long Range Caller, the effect also stacks with deployed decoys.

That covers the “getting more” part of our duck addition, next up, “more conveniently”.  We bring you, the Duck Caller Lanyard.


This quality-of-life item will conveniently put all of your favourite duck callers at your disposal via just one key-binding.  With no need to assign individual callers to inventory slots this item unlocks a new hotkey function which brings up a menu wheel to speedily select any duck caller held in your bags.  Handy!

You can see both of these new additions in action courtesy of “HooCairs” here:

Game Update

As well as the above goodies there were of course the usual updates and improvements to the game.  The ability for guest players to trigger e-callers on and off in multiplayer was a much requested fix, also bears are looking a little less “far out”. 😉

Read the full update here.

Hunting Antlers?  Make it Snappy!

At the time of writing this we have just over a day to go until the judging begins!  We’ve seen some excellent entries so far, from the beautiful, to the technical, to the just slightly crazy. 😉  Please do get those last entries in soon to avoid disappointment!

To give you a taster of some of the competition, here’s an entry from forum user “kevin2106”


Ducky Deals, and Free Birds.

To mark the launch of this week’s duck goodies we’ve added a new permanent Duck Caller Bundle.  Additionally, ducks have been added to the free rotation, there’s no better time to get out there and get some trophy birds! Also, please do pop by our store tomorrow, there might be some more duck related pleasant surprises for you there.

On the topic of birds…subject to request from the forum, the Turkey Decoy Full Spread Bundle is available once more.

Fall is here…

…and with it, the mark of the beginning of a new hunting season for a lot of countries.

Do you like to hunt in real life as well?  If so come join in the discussion here.

Our CEO Pim actually recently came back with some partridge as a sign of a day well spent!

21949734_10155075359513240_2671531174768818565_oPim Holvfe, Avalanche Studios CEO, and some Swedish “rapphöna” (partridge).


Please feel free to discuss today’s Status Update here.

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