Game Update – Axis Deer



Howdy hunters!

We’ve strung you along for weeks, but here it is: AXIS DEER

You can find the new Axis on Bushrangers Run on the Eastern (Right) half of the map. Axis releases with its Trophy Poses, Caller and Scent Spray, all available immediately in the store. Antler sheds can be found in BRR.

As always, please report any bugs to us to we can iron out any problems quickly. Look forward to Axis Deer Missions and competitions soon.

Check out this video from HooCairs to get a leg up on your hunting.

For those of you who were hoping to see FALLOW DEER up there, stay tuned 😉

Grab the update HERE on Steam!

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Weekend Competition and Sales


Hello, common person,

Vera the Magnificent here. I require a piece for a documentary. I need you take down a male Reindeer with a single shot. Do you understand? Rudolph the Gut-Shot Reindeer isn’t good press!

Find out what it’s all about and join the competition for a chance to win generous prizes in em$!




✅ Maisto 12 GA Semi-Automatic Shotgun
✅16 GA SxS
✅ Shooting Tripod Rest
✅ Rangefinder Binos

…and much more. Up to 40% off!

Sale ends on August the 31st, 7:00 am UCT

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Game Update – Bug Fixes and QoL


Howdy Hunters!

Small release this time with some QoL fixes, bug fixes and a few bundles to tide you over. Look forward to the next big release!

✅ We’ve changed the way the Daily Missions behave after the streak break. Daily Missions automatically activated after the streak break which made the Resume Streak a broken feature. Now the Daily Missions will remain inactive until players choose to activate the new streak or resume the last one.
✅ “Recruit a friend” has been slightly updated. Sometimes it did not work properly and we fixed that. We also changed few item rewards to avoid repetitions, as well as added more clear explanations of how the referral system works.

Few regular missions fixes:

✅ ‘Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle’ – conditions fixed to work properly
✅ Whiterime Ridge Travel Missions – coordinates for some places were fixed in descriptions to be more precise

We also added few bundles to the store based on the community suggestions:

✅ Silenced Geese Bundle for Snow Goose hunting
✅ American Duck Bundle for American Black Duck hunting
✅ Predator Bundle for small to large game

Seriously, look forward to it.

Grab the Update HERE on Steam.

That’s all for now!

Happy Hunting!

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Weekend Competition and Sales


Howdy Hunter,

Things have gone a bit South in Timbergold Trails… See, the Pumas turned up, but the Wolf numbers didn’t decrease. We thought things would sort themselves out, but a hunter was attacked by the very animal he was hunting! I don’t need to tell you how rare a wolf attack is, but if they’re getting hungry enough to challenge people with guns we have a serious problem on our hands.

Thin their numbers before we have gangs of apex predators actively hunting humans.

Find out what it’s all about and join the competition for a chance to win hefty prizes in em$!




✅ 8×57 IS K98k Bolt Action Rifle Classic
✅.308 Handgun
✅ Recurve Bow
✅ Electronic Caller

…and much more. Up to 40% off!

Sale ends on July the 13th, 9:00 am UCT

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Timbergold Trails Travel Missions Pack and new Trophy Poses


Howdy Hunters!

Max the Taxidermist and his team have already brought out more trophy poses for you in this update! We’ve got Banteng, Bighorn Sheep, Cottontail Rabbit, Eurasian Lynx, Polar Bear, Red Fox, Rusa Deer, Sambar Deer, and Snowshoe Hare now each with 4 poses for you to check out at the store. By the way, They’re already bundled

✅ Check out the new trophy poses here

✅ Been having trouble finding your way around Timbergold Trails? Join a new character and learn the layout of TGT with the new (and free) Timbergold Travel Missions Pack.

Grab the Update and see what all the fuss is about.

Happy Hunting and a big thank you to all our Beta testers!

If you are interested in joining our localization team please write us an email at:

That’s all for now folks, we’re all very excited about the new animal and we hope you are too.
Let us know what you think and as usual please give us a shout should you find any issues.

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Weekend Competition and Sales


Honorable, hunter, Orpingalik requires your help once again.

Find out what it’s all about and join the competition for a chance to win cool prizes in em$!




✅ .50 Inline Muzzleloader Forest Green
✅ Compound Bow “Pulsar” Winter Camo
✅ Happy Camper Heated Tent Winter Camo
✅ .50 Inline Muzzleloader Forest Green

…and much more. Up to 50% off!


Sale ends on March the 30th, 9:00 pm UCT

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Game Update


Howdy Hunters!

We’re back with more tweaks to make life in the EHR even more fun!

Here’s what you will find in this Update:

Bug fixes:

✅ Sometimes animals did not react to the non-vital body shots at all. Fixed now.
✅ The translation of titles in the launcher was broken in some languages (they contained exclamation marks instead of spaces), we finally fixed it.
✅ Missions that require a shot to the heart OR lungs did not work properly, fixed now.

Then some improvements to your experience:

Experience Improvements

✅ A taxidermize confirmation box has been added to avoid unwanted animal taxidermize by miss clicking.
✅ The maximum amount of tents to be deployed per reserve has been increased to 10
✅ Deployable Hunting Towers and Tripod Stands have a rotation option during the deploying

And finally, a number of bundles have been added for more convenient shopping:


✅ Classic Starter Weapon Bundle
✅ Lots of Pockets Bundle
✅ Oldschool Hunter
✅ Long Range Equipment Bundle
✅ Premium Long Range Equipment Bundle
✅ Going Large Bundle
✅ Small But Mighty Bundle
✅ Mad Hatter Bundle
✅ Canada Goose Equipment Bundle
✅ Mallard Equipment Bundle
✅ Magpie Goose Decoy Full Spread Bundle
✅ Magpie Goose Decoy Quarter Spread Bundle
✅ The Geese Are Spinning (Magpie Goose)
✅ The Geese Are Spinning (Snow Goose)

If you are interested in joining our localization team please write us an email at:

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Valentines Hunting Days 2021

valentine_2021_socialHello folks!

It’s that time of the year again when love is in the air and Cupid flutters about shooting arrows at the hearts of unsuspecting hunters.

And Heart$ points you must collect if you want to win awesome prizes during Valentine’s Hunting Days!

You can get Heart$ by taking part in the event’s mission and competitions, as well as shooting animals through their hearts and finding Valentine’s Day collectibles scattered around the EHR!

Participate for the prizes, the trophies, and the glory! The hunter with the most Heart$ at the end of February the 16th will win a very generous first prize!

In order to take part in the event, you will have to click on the big banner you will find in the Launcher (or Website) home page:


Read on and familiarize yourself with the rules of the event.

Event’s duration: 7 days
Start: 10 Feb 2021 (Wednesday) – morning
End:  16 Feb 2021 (Wednesday) – 23:59 UTC


The event comes with three competitions each lasting 3 days!
Prizes for the competitions look like this:

Each competition comes with 7 tiers based on your Hunter Score:
Completing each competition in any place (just qualify!) will also award the hunter 100 Heart$ points which will be assigned once the competition has ended.

This year’s mission is called My Deer Valentine. It’s only one mission, but it’s as challenging as a whole mission pack!

You will have to harvest a few deer couples (a female and a male) with a shot through the heart using Cupid Arrows.

The mission will last for the whole event’s duration, from the 10th to the 16th of February.

Completing it will earn the hunter the following rewards:

This year Cupid has dropped collectibles all over the EHR and if you find them, you can pick them up to earn Heart$.

Picking up a Red Rose collectible will give you 3 Heart$ while picking up any other Valentine’s Day collectible will give you 1 Heart$.

Here’s a complete list of collectibles you will be able to find during the event:

On top of that, Harvesting animals with a shot through the heart during Valentine’s Hunting Days 2021 gives you 30 Heart$.

Ultimately, the more Heart$ you collect, the more in-game prizes you are rewarded.

Here are all the different ways in which you can earn Hearts$:

And this is how the prize pool looks:valentine_2021_campaign_rewards_2

During the Valentine’s Hunting Day event, a lovely new filter will be available for your trophy shots, make sure to check it out!

❤️ SALES ❤️
Last but not least during Valentine’s Hunting Days event, a number of items will be on sale in the Store, including a juicy 50% discount on Cupid arrows as well as 30% off a variety of bows.

Make sure to check out the Sale section to see the full list!


That’s all folks, enjoy!

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How to purchase a gift code

Step 1

Click on the “GET EM$” button on the top navigation bar.get_ems_2

Step 2

In the “Buy em$” tab of this window, check the “Purchase as a gift” check box and then click on the “BUY” button of the currency amount you wish to purchase.


Step 3

You will be taken to a purchase summary on the Steam website. Click on the “Authorize” button.


Step 4

You will be taken to a confirmation page (thank you for your purchase). Click on your em$ balance on the top of the screen (where it says “em$ XXXX”)


and check your Purchase History.

Step 5

The most recent entry in your Purchase History should read “Purchased as gift. Gift code:”, followed by the gift code.


Copy the code and send it to the friend you want to give it as a gift.

Step 6

In order for the em$ gift to be added to their balance, your friend will then have to redeem the code.

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Weekend Competition and Sales


Help Doctor Alexandra Ovis stopping an infectious disease from spreading in the Bighorn Sheep herd in Timbergold Trails by culling 3 young males!

Find out what it’s all about and join the competition for a chance to win hefty prizes in em$!



  • .17 HMR Lever Action Rifle
  • 16 GA Side By Side Shotgun
  • Shooting Tripod Rest
  • Ghillie Suit Fall Leaf Camo
  • Park Ranger Jeep (Army)

…and much more. Up to 50% off!


The sale ends on Januaary the 29th, 10:00 am CET


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