Open Beta February 18th


The Open Beta has started. Click here for a How To Guide on the Forum.

Open BetaAs we promised in our last status update, we are inviting everyone to try out the Polar Bear in our open beta. Come help us test the new ruler of the Whiterime Ridge!

Call to open beta testing – Start February 18th 2016

  • The testing will take place on our beta server and will run for about a week (subject to change), starting from February 18th, around 16:00 CET. Please note that you won’t be able to create an account before that. If you already have an account from our previous open beta sessions, you will be able to log in starting from 16:00 CET (subject to change).
  • From Wednesday until Friday we’ll be testing the “vulnerable” mode of the Polar Bear, after that – the special event mode.
  • Players will be able to hunt all animals, regardless of whether they are members or not, and will receive 10 000 em$ for testing purposes.
  • Please note that items you buy on our beta server with the aforementioned em$ won’t be transferred to your actual game account.
  • After the end of the open beta your access to the server will be revoked.
  • Testing on beta won’t have any impact on your actual game stats, hunter score, leaderboard positions etc.
  • Because it’s a stress test, server hiccups are likely to happen, so your game could crash or get disconnected, response times might be longer etc.

How to participate in the testing:

  1. Starting from tomorrow, February 18th, around 16:00 CET, go to and create a new account/login to your existing one
  2. If you are new to open beta – Download and install the beta game client from Downloads.
  3. Hunt, hunt, hunt!

What we’d like you to pay special attention to while testing:

We will add the specific information before the open beta starts.

When testing on beta you are likely to see some historical testing data (competitions, leaderboards, players’ names and such). Please disregard that as this is dummy data randomly generated from our live server for testing purposes. There is also a chance that some icons and images are missing from the Beta servers so there is no need to report this.

Please report all your feedback in this thread.

Thanks a lot for supporting the game! :)


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Status Update

Hi there hunters,

Here comes a weekly status update from us.

  • After the release of Bushrangers Run last week we’ve received a lot of feedback from you, mostly in terms of what animals inhabit it, but also other aspects, such as sound and art, thanks for that! We really appreciate how engaged and passionate you are about everything happening with theHunter and you can be sure that we’ll take all the feedback seriously and discuss the possibility to implement some of your suggestions. As usual, we can’t promise anything at this point, because we don’t want to raise any expectations. Just keep in mind that while a lot of suggestions might sound like great fun and that is the only factor that might seem to matter to you, like any other game development studio out there, we have a bunch of other factors to consider, for example scientific lining behind the game design, game engine functionality, development roadmap, resources and budget and other boring stuff which still dictates our everyday work.
  • The weekend following the release of Bushrangers Run a lot of people experienced downtime on our web and game servers. To make up for your lost game time, we’ll be adding 1 extra day to all active memberships. We’ve also conducted an internal investigation and taken measures to prevent this from happening again in the future.
  • We are now in the process of revamping our forums, in order to bring you a more slick and user-friendly community experience. Any suggestions on what functionality you’d like to have will be very much appreciated. You can share it in this thread and expect to hear more on this later.
  • And the last tidbit about the EW team. You might remember the story of our client programmer Robin, which we shared a couple of months ago. He suffered a stroke back in August 2014 and at the time when that status update was written he was still in the hospital. In the last couple of months Robin has made some tremendous progress, he is back on his feet already, has visited the office a couple of times and said Hello and Thank you to all the people who were sending him their best wishes and asking about him. Robin still has a long recovery journey in front of him, but he is already chirpy, back to his sense of humour and playing theHunter (hopefully soon back to coding it too!).
  • Another staff notice – we have a new team member, his name is Hannes and he has joined us as a producer. Check his intro below and say Hi:

Hello All,

HannesMy name is Hannes Rhodin and I have just jumped onboard the Expansive Worlds ship as a Producer. It is exciting times; full steam ahead on both theHunter and theHunter: Primal, and some very interesting ideas are in the making.

I’ll try to introduce myself, I live in Stockholm with my girlfriend (since 15 years back) and two kids… yes, I’m old. My hobbies are storytelling, movies, art, pulling weights and sculpture, with focus on sculpture right now. Here is a work-in-progress picture of my latest piece:

hannes_sculptureI have been in the computer game and digital graphic business for more or less 25 years, mainly focusing on the art, animation, level design, story and cinematic parts of it. Working in lead positions have got me in to the Producer craft. In my role as a producer at EW I will be focusing on theHunter and theHunter:Primal, great products with great possibilities and with a healthy connection to the community… to you, all the hunters and the hunted ;), this communication is something I value and think I can learn a lot from.


That’s it for today, see you around and happy hunting!


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Status Update

Hello Hunters,

Here are a couple of news for you from the drizzly Stockholm:

It’s cloud o’clock

… at last. During our maintenance yesterday, as the final step of implementing a new server solution for theHunter, we moved our game server to the cloud. It’s been a long and rather complicated process and it’s not completely finalized yet, as we’re continuing putting out fires, smashing bugs and indulge ourselves in other exciting activities to ensure the game runs without a hitch. It will take a while once the new environment works as smoothly as intended; we’ll keep monitoring the server performance and resolve issues on the fly. As always, your help in reporting bugs is appreciated, you can do it in this thread, detailed descriptions are mostly welcomed.

We want to thank you for all your patience and support during this process of server move. To make it up to you for a downtime yesterday and game disrupting issues, we’ll be adding an extra day to all active memberships.

AMA with Björn

björn öjlertIt’s time for a new ‘Ask Me Anything’ session and now it’s our game designer Björn who will be answering your questions. You can think of Björn as the director of theHunter who oversees the overall picture and knows game’s every nook and cranny. He is the guy to ask ”big” questions, like gameplay, environment, balance, story etc., but he is also able to give thorough replies to more specific inquiries.

Björn’s AMA thread will be unlocked for 48 hours, starting at 12 p.m. CEST on May 9th. All the questions will be moderated and supervised by the moderation team, the standard AMA rules apply.


Trailer competition reminder

In case you missed it last week, we have a trailer competition running, and it’s a bit less than one week left to submit your video. You can read the rules and enter the competition here.

That’s it for now, happy hunting!


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Design theHunter Outfit – Honourable mentions

From the thirty designs submitted to the competition only seven were chosen for the final voting round. However, some of the designs that for one or another reason didn’t make it are very good and deserve to be seen by the community. That’s why we’ve decided to put them together as Honourable mentions.

By Pastuh:


By TundraPuppy:


By MonacoSteve:


By Sayanel:


By CaptainMunch:

Bearrie Suit female   Bearrie Suit male

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Game Update

Bug fixes
* Fix for random crash on startup
* Fix for random crash when exiting trophy shot
* Fix for clues saying fleeing even if the animals was not fleeing
* You can no longer place the player in too deep water in Trophy shot mode
* Orange outline on decoys no longer visible inTrophy Shot Mode
* Message added for being able to rotate decoys with MOUSE2


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Status update

Howdy Hunters. Status update time! We think it´s about time we give you some more info on the new reserve we´re working on, and which is taking shape quite nicely. As some of you have already guessed this is a swamp/marsh dominated environment mainly inspired by places in the US state of Louisiana. There´s a brand new animal living here as well, but one thing at a time! The new reserve will feature two main “biotopes” based on Water Hickory and Bald Cypress trees. There will also be a lot of shallow water areas. The reserve is currently in it´s final stages where a lot of small things is tweaked and the terrain is polished to suit the intended gameplay. We´ll let the screenshots below speak for themselves. Note that some things are still subject to change though.






We would appreciate your help in naming this reserve and would like if you provided us with ideas and inspiration that make this one fit nicely next to the rest of environments! Please add your suggestions in this thread in our forum for us to have everything in one place.

On a different matter; we´ve done some “under the hood” work on the inventory in an attempt to reduce loading times. These tweaks was applied on the live server a short while back and we would appreciate your feedback on whether you think it now works better or not? We´re well aware that the inventory sometimes takes a long time to load, which depend on many things. But we perfectly understand this can be a very annoying immersion breaker when playing and intend to work continuously on it if needed.

Happy hunting until next time!


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Status Update

Halloween is over and many a player is scarred for life due to the horrendous Beast Bear(s). Luckily, many managed to work through their trauma and come out as winners. Speaking of, here are the top three contestants:
1. arcwolf

2. M4G1E

3. BEST85

Congratulations! All prizes and trophies will be distributed as soon as possible. If you are interested in the full final leaderboard: Here you go.

The store is getting a new addition this week: A new, awesome looking, heavily customized .44 Handgun. It has a more modern look than our previous .44 revolver but packs the same hefty punch.

Also, we have been working extensively on providing more payment possibilities. This work is finally done which opens up our store to pretty much every country in the world. One can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from the Mule Deer population at Logger’s Point.

Lastly, anyone interested in the new reserve? Of course you are! Here is a sneak peak:

New Reserve

As you can see, work on the new reserve is coming along nicely and we are sure you guys are going to love it once it’s released.

Happy Hunting!


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Status Update

You know what time it is.. that’s right, it’s Status Update time!

Yesterday we released a Game Update with what we call Mirror Trophy Shot. With Mirror Trophy Shot, members will be able to capture that precious moment with their avatars on the pictures.

More news; today we released a set of all new missions developed in cooperation with famous archer and avid bow hunter Laura Francese. We really hope you enjoy them!

Also, don’t miss out on winning the all new Laura Francese in-game Avatar! Submit your best trophy shot via the official theHunter Facebook page!

On Monday this week we released Wild Boar missions, which we know a lot of you wanted since the release of them on Hirschfelden. We are working on more missions, and if you behave we may release them soon.


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Status Update

Greetings hunters,

Another week has passed and things are great at Expansive Worlds. Our interns are getting up to speed and hopefully you will soon see some of their creations in the game.

We’ve started working on a new species, we’re telling you this much since some of you seems to think that we aren’t working on the right things. We will tell you more at a later stage, but as many of you, who have been around for a while, knows, it takes a very long time to complete a new species. For those of you who are fairly new, a new animal requires a lot of work from our graphic artists, animators, game programmers and game designer and most of the time they can’t work simultaneously, since they need to wait until the previous discipline has completed his part. We can also tell you that its one of the species mentioned in the user survey posted a while ago. So feel free to speculate on what it might be 😉

We’re aiming at releasing a bunch of new missions next week. The missions are being tested at this very moment and we need a few more days to make sure everything is fine and dandy.

And the winner is…
After long and hard discussions we’ve finally selected a winner in the Profile Shot Competition. We’d like to thank all of you who participated, and if you liked this kind of competition let us know, we might have another one in the future.

1st prize goes to ohotnikna who gets 5000 em$
 Second prize goes to vladimiroquai who gets 2500 em$

And finally third prize goes to ToyBoy who gets 1000 em$

We’ll end this status update with an apology. In the last installer we managed to add a rather undesirable feature. When you install the game the installer makes your browser auto start when you boot your PC and sets theHunter as default web site. This was never our intention, but we have added a fix in the new launcher that will remove this. So if you are experiencing these problems just update the launcher (you do this by starting a new game) and the problem will be resolved.

If for some reason the automatic fix does not resolve the problem you can manually address it by following these steps:

(Windows XP, Windows 7)

  1. Open the start menu and navigate to “All Programs/Startup”
  2. Right click “theHunter” and select “Delete”
  3. If there is a dialog about administrator permissions click “Continue”
  4. Done!

(Windows 8)

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete
  2. Select “Task Manager”
  3. Select the “Startup” tab
  4. Right click “theHunter” and select “Disable”
  5. Done!

Once again, we’re terribly sorry about this. Happy hunting!


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