Game Update


  • Functional sunglasses – Sunglasses and tinted glasses now have an actual effect. It can be turned off in the gameplay settings and / or toggled on the fly with help of Z key (default)
  • New sunglasses – Round, Ace and Speed
  • New trophy shot filters – Warmth and Glacier


  • Eyewear and facewear now have different inventory slots, so you can have both glasses and a scarf / moustaches on at the same time
  • A new pose for pheasants added to the Trophy lodge
  • The sound should be lower when inside the Trophy lodge when it’s raining
  • Reindeer is now placed on large wall plaques in the Trophy lodge (please note that all your previously mounted reindeer are re-set to Trophy manager)
  • The top large wall plaque in the Trophy lodge now has a slightly lower position to accommodate for larger antlers
  • A new trophy pose added for reindeer, small adjustments made to red deer and elk poses – should eliminate / make better antler clipping
  • Filter and sort buttons added to the Trophy manager, as well as tooltips to the various buttons in the Trophy lodge selector and editor (now you can hide your trophies)
  • Fix for swapping trophies in the Trophy manager
  • New soundmix fix for the bear moaning sound (bears should now sound less loud)
  • Two more large bird platforms are added to the Trophy lodge
  • Help button added for when inside of the Trophy Lodge
  • Change to the roaming animals AI which should eliminate the situations when players are not able to catch up with roaming animals (bears, deer, goats, wild board etc.)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for Happy Camper, Blazing Orange, Army and B&C scarves showing as green in the camo app
  • Fix for the 16GA white barrel issue
  • Fix for rabbits and hares always showing “roaming” tracks
  • Fix for the game crash / freeze during the trophy shot
  • Fix for distance calculation on the map
  • Fix for wrong distance showed for mineral feeder position
  • Fixed an issue where the harvester would get a trophy instead of the person who killed the animal

In progress:

  • Graphics issue on WRR
  • Digging into slow loading times for inventory


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Status Update

Howdy hunters,

Welcome to another, slightly belated, status update from us at theHunter Classic team.

Baiting overhaul – review
Last week we released a baiting overhaul together with brand new mineral feeders for Feral Goats. We’ve been closely watching the conversations and metrics around this big update and are happy to see that the baiting has been reinstated in its realms again. Awesome. You can see a video from HooCairs comparing hog baiting after the update to the old days here.

As always, we filtered all the feedback we received through the internal sieve of game design, technical and resource limitations and what not, and there will be some minor changes to the system: for one, we will be increasing the amount of feeders / barrels per reserve, after the next patch you will be able to place four of those. We think that this will be especially beneficial in Bushrangers Run, but also in Settlers Creek.

Secondly, we are currently testing a slightly different penalty system, which has probably been the most discussed aspect. While we won’t get rid of it completely in order to balance the benefits that baiting offers, we’ve decided to try to find a compromise and make the penalty a tiny bit more forgiving and dynamic. More details about this in the next game update.

We saw that some people complained about the goat mineral feeders not yielding enough goats. The attraction radius of those is smaller than that of bear barrels and pig feeders by game design, which means you have to be very careful about the location of your mineral feeder to find that perfect spot yielding you tons of different-horned trophies.

16 GA Shotgun & Comp 16 Gauge Lockdown

This week we saw the release of our new unique shotgun. The 16 GA side-by-side. It’s a gorgeous piece of weaponry which the team has poured a lot of love into, starting from the design by Patrick, followed by the 3D model by Mattias (who you should have seen in our Lock&Learn yesterday), excellent animations by Moe, sound by Greg and client code by Patrik. Oh, and there are two multispecies competitions running right now, in case you want to level up your new shotgun AND compete for some fame and glory.

New species? Again?
Yes! Our animal team has been on a creative streak lately and we’ve been working on yet another new species. It’s been one of the most requested animals for Whiterime Ridge and we’re now certain that we are bringing this guy (or gal) to your arctic landscapes hopefully very soon. Now, who shall that be? 😉

Hunt-a-thon Winners
Last week we ran a competition Hunta-a-thon to win theHunter Call of the Wild. 646 players have gotten their scores on the leaderboard and, as promised, we raffled 5 copied of theHunter: Call of the Wild and 5 theHunter: Call of the Wild T-Shirts amongst them. And the winners are:
*Free games:*


We will be in touch with the winners to discuss the logistics. Congratulations and thank you everyone who took part!

Goodbye to David and Dick
David_NAOutdoorsFinally, we are sad to announce that our support manager and long-term veteran David Lucas aka NAOutdoors, has left the team and will not work with theHunter anymore. David has been with the game since the very beginning, he is an absolute veteran of theHunter and we can truly say that it won’t be the same without him. Thank you David, for everything, and happy hunting wherever life leads you!

Today is the last day of another long-term team veteran, animator Dick Sjöström. He Dick_Sjöströmhas shared with us his first and last commit on theHunter:

*First Submit (Rangefinder):*
Changelist: 324121
Date Submitted: 2010-06-09 16:38:12

*Last Submit (XXX – something exciting yet secret):*
Changelist: 1189820
Date Submitted: 2017-04-07 09:49:24

Thank you Dick, for your wonderful scent hound animations, among others, and the bottomless well of honesty and one-of-a-kindness.

On a final short note, as yours truly will be away for vacations in the next week and around Easter, our community manager Stefan will take over the status update for next week and let you know what’s cooking.

Happy hunting!


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Game Update

Live Patch 2016102601


* New contextual help system (more on that in tomorrow’s status update – but do check your launcher game settings for a checkbox on “Contextual Help”)

Bug fixes

* Fix for pink texture error and crash near the reserve borders
* Improved pathfinding
* Fix to missing collision on some lodge’s tables
* Fix that some trees had too big collision
* Fix collision on some small tree that prevent player to walk through them

In progress:

* Bighorn sheep can have odd animations on very steep mountains
* Shooting Ranges preparing to open
* Bighorn sheep call is not triggered frequently enough
* Rare crash can happen on client connection in certain reserve
* Issues with patching system that caused infinite download (tried to patch this today but without success – we will try again soon this time with success!)
* Crashes while patching to a newer launcher version (tried to patch this today but without success – we will try again soon this time with success!)


* Localization update

Discussion here

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Status Update

Howdy hunters and huntresses,

Time for another status update!

New landing page & sign-up is live

Yesterday we released the new landing page and sign up process which will hopefully make it easier for new players to join theHunter family and get started with hunting. It didn’t go as smoothly as we had planned (as many of you know) and we are still experiencing some issues with launcher and browser access. You can read more about these issues and how to solve them in the interim, on your end, in our producer Philipp’s post here. We are continuing to work on fixing the remaining issues and will keep you updated in the respective forum thread. Thank you for bearing with us!

The mystery of the .243 Carbon Rifle


Many of you noticed (some within nanoseconds) the non-buyable but sleek-looking .243 Bolt Action Rifle – Carbon in the store, and started speculating as to what was going down. Well, I’ve got two pieces of news for you. One good and one bad. In keeping with tradition, let’s start with the bad. It won’t be buyable. The good news however, is that you can get it for free by verifying your email via Settings. If you do that, in addition to the rifle you will also receive 3 membership days (which will be added to existing memberships) as well as some other items, including a ground blind. Please note that you can only receive those rewards once, even if you change your email address afterwards.

Win the Beretta backpack from My Hunting Shop

Today we’re launching a new competition in collaboration with one of our partners, My Hunting Shop. An online marketplace for all things hunting and outdoors. The competition will take place on Hirschfelden and will last for 15 days, and the winner will receive the super awesome Beretta Modular Backpack 35 l, kindly supplied by My Hunting Shop, sent directly to wherever you live. You can see the bigger brother of our prize backpack “in action” in the video below, and I bet it’ll make you want that bad boy! Top three players on the leaderboard will also get unique trophies. So, go activate the competition and make sure to check My Hunting Shop, they’ve got a bunch of cool stuff there.

Rockies update

As the work on the new reserve continues, we thought it would be a good time to name our baby. So as tradition dictates, we delegate this task to you, our creative community who not only always know better but are brilliant at these things. Think of such masterpieces of names like Whiterime Ridge and Rougarou Bayou.


The rules are the same – come up with a great name that would fit with the existing EHR reserves nicely and represent the uniqueness of the location we showed you in the screenshots and video before. We are looking forward to your creative outbursts – share them in this thread!

Warning! The following announcement may be too graphic for some computers :)

On a final note, throughout the development of the new reserve, a lot of time has been spent debating the question of low graphic settings. Each reserve we have made to date has supported low scene complexity. This means every tree, shrub, rock and so on, requires a low-poly model to be created. As everyone knows, graphics technology has advanced leaps and bounds since the release of theHunter, and this is an area that continues to develop rapidly. Unfortunately we cannot afford to be held back by older hardware or system configurations any longer, and we have taken the hard decision to release this reserve with medium, through to very high graphics settings only. It is hoped that this decision will assure a more aesthetically pleasing and polished gameplay experience for the majority and, from an internal development perspective, optimise and streamline the process of creating new reserves and associated assets.

That’s it from us for today.

Happy hunting!


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Status Update

Hello hunters,

Time for a short status update from the EW headquarters.

Summer Fiesta

SplashScreen_summerfiesta_mainThe Fiesta is gaining speed and volume as more and more animals are being added. This week Turkey and Coyote have joined the competition, with more animals to come. Important information for players competing – the rules have recently changed. Now the best score of all your harvests of each species counts towards your leaderboard result, not only of the first three as originally announced at the beginning. The reason for this change is that our system is currently not able to handle such a condition in multispecies competitions, which was, sadly, only discovered after the start of the Fiesta. The good thing is that the table is still open and you can improve your scores even for the first added species. Just be mindful of your attempts and be strategic. Good luck!

Also, starting from this week, it’s no longer possible to activate a competition while in the middle of a hunting session. This change was implemented to prevent people from manipulating the (previously) existing loophole, and gaining an unfair advantage in competitions.

Cable-backed Bow

SplashScreen_weapon_cablebackbowOn Wednesday we released a new weapon, probably the coolest-ever addition to our archery arsenal. The cable-backed bow. It’s a primitive weapon inspired by the bows made by native people of America. It’s not our easiest weapon to handle and certainly takes some practice to get the knack of it but placing that perfect shot from this sophisticated bow is so much rewarding and enjoyable. Well, try it yourself if you want to experience something different.

Duck Game Design Competition

SplashScreen_create_duckFinally, a small reminder that the deadline of our game design competition is approaching. You have three days left to come up with a great mission or competition pack and write your name in the chronicles of theHunter forever. You can find the details here.

That’s it from us for today. Next week we’ll have more news to tell about the new big thing in the making as well as a game patch with something new, and fixes for something old. For now, enjoy the weekend and see you out there in the EHR woods!


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Status Update

2014_happy_midsummerHowdy hunters,

The summer is here, the short time when it’s actually bearable to be in Sweden 😀 The EW team members are slowly drifting off to their vacations and it’s getting quieter in the office. Having said that, the work on developing and improving theHunter continues. Earlier today we released a patch with fixes and a GPS pin for your dogs and you can find a technical update from our producer Philipp about our ongoing work and plans below.

Tomorrow it’s the big holiday of Midsummer in this part of the world, during which the whole Sweden will be drinking spicy snaps and eating strawberries in the midnight sun. To celebrate it theHunter style, we are throwing in a weekend membership sale, so you can renew your membership at up to 30% off. Check the image below for the codes and please note that the sale runs until Monday, June 27th. There are also some great weekend discounts on duck equipment and weapons, up to 50% off – check them out.

Game Improvements Update

Hello Hunters,

with the continuing work on game improvements, we want to update you about our efforts, what has been done since the last announcement and what is to come.

This time we are taking a more general look at both server / database and also gameplay improvements. The goal is to get to the next level in terms of communication for game improvements and to give you a better overview about what is being worked on instead of repeating ourselves that game health is the main priority for us.

Improvements for server stability

Calle and Emil are monitoring our performance and stability around the clock, looking for slow and stressful processes and queries. After identifying the main offender, they released a major update to how the inventory system responds and is updated yesterday. There are no perceivable changes for players but we hope to improve stability and connectivity significantly. Releasing a fix is of course only the first step so we will collect data over the next days and then decide how to move on.

In the meantime they look for the next biggest offender, rinse and repeat and also help the client programmer by improving our crash reporter to be more detailed which helps us to prioritize what to fix next.

Next to that we are working on a bigger plan to relieve our database making better use of the Google service that we use. We might share the details of this in the next update or a later one.

Improvements for gameplay

Our client programmers have not been lazy either. After releasing the Scent Hound, they fixed several random crashes that slipped our testing and analyzed the main problems (crashes, bugs) we currently face in-depth.

We can’t share any specifics yet but we have our eyes mostly on graphical performance and memory, user interface and system memory used by sounds.

While we work on solutions for this (which will be shared in the next update or a later one) we released a patch today with fixes for Turkey and Pheasant scoring issues.

We hope this gives you a better impression of what we are working on and of the improvements to come. Stay tuned for the next updates as we share more specifics, fixes and the plans how to tackle what is left to do.

All the best and good hunting,

Your Phil and the rest of theHunter team


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Das Neue HunterTalk forum! (DEUTSCH)

HutnerTalkNach unzähligen Stunden der Arbeit freuen wir uns, euch nun endlich das neue Huntertalk Forum präsentieren zu können.

Für alle neuen deutschsprachigen Spieler möchten wir uns kurz vorstellen: ist die offizielle deutschsprachige Community von deutschsprachigen Spielern für deutschsprachige Spieler. Wir sind für dich der Anlaufpunkt #1 wenn du dich mit anderen Spielern austauschen, diskutieren oder zu einer Jagdrunde verabreden möchtest.

Huntertalk richtet sich vor allem an all jene Spieler die so ihre Probleme mit der englischen Sprache haben. Hier findest du alle Spiel- und Status-Updates komplett auf Deutsch.

Huntertalk nicht nur im neuen Design

Viel Zeit und viel Arbeit hat es gekostet, aber es hat sich gelohnt. Neben bekannten Forenfunktionen findet ihr nun auch kleine praktische Helfer die euch z.B. das Einbinden von Bildern direkt im Thread oder Post erleichtern ohne es erst auf einer externen Seite hochladen zu müssen. Das Portal versorgt euch mit den neuesten Infos aus dem Forum. Die Shoutbox ermöglicht euch eine kurzfristige Verabredung zur gemeinsamen Jagd oder einfach nur einen kleinen Smaltalk.

Du hast einen Youtube-Kanal zum Thema theHunter? Auch dafür gibt es bei uns einen Platz. Zeige der Community deine Videos und mit etwas Glück bekommt dieses auch auf unseren sozialen Medien seinen Platz.

Wie gewohnt übersetzen unsere Übersetzer alle neuen Infos für euch. Das Eventteam konzeptioniert neue Wettbewerbe und richtet diese aus.

Du hast ein (technisches) Problem? Kein Ding. Für fast jedes Problem findest du bei uns eine Lösung. Musst du doch einmal dem Support schreiben und bist der englischen Sprache nicht mächtig, wird dir auch dabei gerne geholfen.

Profitiere vom Wissen erfahrener Spieler und gehe mit ihnen gemeinsam auf die Jagd.

Und noch einiges mehr…

Huntertalk jetzt auch bei Facebook, Instagram und Twitter

In den sozialen Medien möchten wir euch ausschließlich mit den aktuellsten Informationen versorgen. Neben den Game-Informationen findet ihr außerdem Ankündigungen zu den, Siegerehrungen, Videos von Usern für User, Einsteiger Guides und noch einiges mehr. Natürlich wieder komplett auf Deutsch.

Neues Wettbewerbs- und Newslettersystem

Unser Eventteam hat, in Zusammenarbeit mit FumarPorros, die Huntertalk-Wettbewerbe auf eine neues Niveau gehoben. Dank des kraftvollen Tools sind die Wettbewerbe für den Einsteiger genauso interessant und fair wie für den Veteranen. Messe auch du dich mit den Großen und sahne den ein oder anderen em$ ab. Eventuell schaffst du es auch auf einen der Plätze der Jahresbesten und erhältst nochmals tolle Prämien für deine Arbeit!

Verpasse keinen Wettbewerb mehr, weil du vergessen hast dich zu informieren! Melde dich für den Wettbewerbsnewsletter an und erhalte den kompletten Wettbewerb als E-Mail und PN im Forum.

Tools von FumarPorros

FumarPorros stellt euch seine praktischen Tools für das Spiel zur Verfügung.

  • Waidgerecht auf einen Blick:

Seht auf den ersten Blick, welche Waffen/Munition für ein Tier zugelassen ist oder schaut welches Tier ihr mit welcher Waffe bejagen dürft.

  • Map Placementtool:

Dieses Tool soll euch dabei behilflich sein, etwas auf einer TH-Map zu veranschaulichen. Das kann die Darstellung eines vollständigen Equipment-Aufbaus oder aber auch nur eine einzelne Markierung oder Text sein. Das Besondere daran ist, das man die Bearbeitung nicht nur als Bild, sondern auch als Textdatei abspeichern kann. So kann die Karte bei Bedarf immer wieder editiert, mit euren Freunden geteilt und verglichen werden.

  • Vorkommen:

Mit diesem Tool könnt ihr ganz schnell sehen, wo ihr welche Tiere auf der Map finden könnt.

  • Organ Tool:

Klein aber fein. Schaut mit nur einen Klick nach wo ein Tier seine Organe hat und tragt einen sauberen Schuss an.

Sei ein Teil der offiziellen deutschsprachigen Community und finde bei uns deinen Platz. Wir hoffen, dich bald bei uns begrüßen zu können.

Euer Team

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Status Update

Howdy hunters,

Welcome to our slightly belated weekly update.

New and (better) old stuff

On Wednesday we released a game patch with some new things, as well as improvements for old items. Nifty scopes for some of our old reliable rifles, enhanced functionality for the two person tree stand, new iron sights for the .243, .270 and .300 rifles, increased magnification for the spotting scope and more. You can find the full list here.

Battle of the classic rifles

We launched a pretty cool event which everyone seems to be really enjoying so far. A Classic Showdown. The whole community is divided into four teams and fighting against each other to have their chosen classic rifle named the best of the best. As you can tell, I am in team K98k (which is so going to win ;)). What about you? Have you picked your team yet?


New collectibles


This week we also dropped a bunch of lovely eagle feathers and ammonite fossils on Val-des-Bois, one of the reserves that hasn’t had any collectibles until now. Later we will be adding some cool stuff for you to pick up on the other two empty reserves – Rougarou Bayou and Whiterime Ridge. Stay tuned!

Scent hound update

We are starting the testing phase for scent hounds, together with selected people who applied for our closed beta session. If you haven’t received an email from us this time, please don’t be discouraged. Hopefully next time you’ll be more lucky!

There have been a lot of questions about the upcoming scent hounds, everything shall be revealed in due course. We are also planning our traditional pre-release livestream where you can watch them with your own eyes.

With the release of scent hounds we’ll be tweaking the behaviour of our retrievers, so they will become a little bit smarter (but not as smart as their sniffing brothers and sisters). All the dog equipment and accessories, since it is manufactured from a top quality super stretch material, will of course fit both types of dogs.

We also wanted to share with you a couple of sneak peek screenshots of the scent hounds. They are work in progress, but still – what a beauty!

scent_hound3 scent_hound2 scent_hound1

Service disruptions

Over Tuesday and Wednesday night we had some problems which were caused by service outages experienced by our server provider Google. Please read the statement by our producer Philipp here.

Free species rotation

guest_huntingFinally, the next two animals in our free species rotation are Arctic Fox and Roe Deer. You can hunt them for free until Thursday 26 May, when they will be exchanged again with two other species. Guest players are now able to see animals they are allowed to hunt in the top right corner of the website once logged in.


That’s it from us for today.

Happy hunting!



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Open Beta February 18th


The Open Beta has started. Click here for a How To Guide on the Forum.

Open BetaAs we promised in our last status update, we are inviting everyone to try out the Polar Bear in our open beta. Come help us test the new ruler of the Whiterime Ridge!

Call to open beta testing – Start February 18th 2016

  • The testing will take place on our beta server and will run for about a week (subject to change), starting from February 18th, around 16:00 CET. Please note that you won’t be able to create an account before that. If you already have an account from our previous open beta sessions, you will be able to log in starting from 16:00 CET (subject to change).
  • From Wednesday until Friday we’ll be testing the “vulnerable” mode of the Polar Bear, after that – the special event mode.
  • Players will be able to hunt all animals, regardless of whether they are members or not, and will receive 10 000 em$ for testing purposes.
  • Please note that items you buy on our beta server with the aforementioned em$ won’t be transferred to your actual game account.
  • After the end of the open beta your access to the server will be revoked.
  • Testing on beta won’t have any impact on your actual game stats, hunter score, leaderboard positions etc.
  • Because it’s a stress test, server hiccups are likely to happen, so your game could crash or get disconnected, response times might be longer etc.

How to participate in the testing:

  1. Starting from tomorrow, February 18th, around 16:00 CET, go to and create a new account/login to your existing one
  2. If you are new to open beta – Download and install the beta game client from Downloads.
  3. Hunt, hunt, hunt!

What we’d like you to pay special attention to while testing:

We will add the specific information before the open beta starts.

When testing on beta you are likely to see some historical testing data (competitions, leaderboards, players’ names and such). Please disregard that as this is dummy data randomly generated from our live server for testing purposes. There is also a chance that some icons and images are missing from the Beta servers so there is no need to report this.

Please report all your feedback in this thread.

Thanks a lot for supporting the game! :)


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