Fathers Day 2022


Happy Father’s Day Hunters!

Events aren’t exactly quick and easy to set up, so this year Fathers get the shoutout. Join us for a mission and 3 tiered comps in celebration of fatherhood, whether you are one, know one, or know someone who behaves like one, everyone is welcome to celebrate in the EHR. And share if you think Father’s Day should be a real holiday, not stuck on a Sunday so people can pretend it is one. Like for the same to Mother’s Day ūüėČ

Anyway, putting aside our shameless grab for media presence, there are no collectables for this event, but the scorer is male canines. Male Wolves, Coyotes, and both species of Fox will give you points for the campaign along with the mission and comps.

Participate for the prizes, the trophies, and the glory! The hunter with the most Pop$ at the end of June 21st will win a generous first prize!

But before you rush on, remember animals that spawn specifically for missions will no longer count as scorers. No exceptions. 

In order to take part in the event, you will have to click on the big banner you will find in the Launcher (or Website) home page:


Read on and familiarize yourself with the rules of the event.


Duration: 7 days

Start: 15 June 2022 (Wednesday) Рmorning

End:  21 June 2022 (Tuesday) Р23.59 UTC



The more Pop$ you collect, the more in-game prizes you are rewarded. This is how to earn them:


This is how the prize pool looks:



This year’s mission is called Doc’s Surprise

I don’t think anyone will argue that Doc’s like a father, reprimanding his children, handing out gm$ when he’s in a good mood, and insisting everything is best done his way. So we thought we’d put together some gifts for him. He won’t mind if it’s all a little late, but make sure you deliver everything before the end of the event, okay? Lots to do to get everything ready. Get help from other hunters if you need to.

The mission will last through the event’s duration from the 15th June to 21st June.

Completing it will earn the hunter the following rewards:



Qualify in a competition to earn 100 Pop$ per comp, place in the top 10 for em$ and a trophy.

Prizes for the competitions look like this:


Each competition comes with 7 tiers based on your Hunter Score:



What would a game be without rules?

We have one simple rule for our events:¬†No exploitation of existing game mechanics to gain an advantage. All winners’ hunts will be checked by EW staff prior to prizes being rewarded, and the decision will be final.

In case of exploits usage, EW has a right to disqualify the player from this event.


We’ve got some tasty sales for this event in the Store, including a juicy¬†50% discount on some Callers¬†as well as¬†30% off a variety of weapons.

Make sure to check out the Sale section to see the full list!


That’s all folks, any questions, feel free to post them below.

Enjoy all!

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