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  • Polar Bear


Polar Bear – Release notes & Event-based design

Trying to simulate real life conditions for hunting the Polar Bear as much as possible, we created an  event-based game design which will be unique for this species at this point. According to the design, a handful of Polar Bears will spawn in Whiterime Ridge reserve, which you will not be permitted to shoot unless they attack you. Polar Bears killed in self-defense will not yield any score, nor will there be a harvest screen. Our good old Doc will of course send you an educational message on the matter too.

From time to time there will be special events in the EHR during which the Polar Bear population will be huntable due to various natural influences and animal control. During such an event the aforementioned restrictions will be lifted and players will be permitted to hunt Polar Bears like any other animal. Those events will run for long enough for players with not so much time on their hands to take part in and they of course will be announced well in advance. There will be neither achievements nor leaderboards for Polar Bears.

With the release of the Polar Bear we have added a mission pack that explains why the Polar Bear is huntable this time. The population is threatened by a parasite and some culling is needed to prevent the parasite from spreading.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for rare Sitka Deer and Snowshoe Hare showing up as Common in statistics
  • Crash fix when shooting at dead animal antlers
  • Fix for animals not fading out for clients in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue with turkey and pheasant variations
  • Fixed an issue with a specific tree’s LOD not showing foliage.


  • Non-typical Whitetail missions removed


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