Game Update



Bug fixes

  • Fix for reindeer internal organs
  • Fix for the .22 Plinkington rifle – The cartridge should not be visible when having a scope attached and firing
  • Fixed pathfinding issues around Tatanka Hot Springs in Whiterime Ridge
  • Reset Missions in store now works
  • Fixed bug where buying a bundle would not update your inventory in the store
  • Bug fixed where some players cannot join games when min hunter score is higher than 0


  • Added possibility to switch sides in Two Person Treestand
  • Spotting scope magnification increased to x16
  • .30-06 Round Nose bullets added for 30-06 Lever Action Rifle. Bolt Action Rifle will still ¬†use Spitzers
  • Tracking domes on Whiterime Ridge are a little more visible now
  • Old iron sights on .243, .270 and .300 rifles have been remodeled to make them nicer and more realistic looking


  • Localizations

In progress

  • Problem with payments via Steam sometimes not going through


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