Game Update


  • 17 HMR Lever Action rifle
  • Trophy animals on small round, medium round and large square platforms in the Trophy lodge can now be rotated with help of PgUp / PgDn keys (default). Like the rest of Trophy lodge editing, this can only be executed in a single player mode
  • All Trophy lodges in the EHR now feature special Midsummer decorations!


  • Another fix for the excessive “moaning” of black bears
  • Fix for the bear model on the RFF shooting range (it was only possible to get a body shot on it before)
  • A new fix for the game freeze when in the trophy shot mode
  • Fix for bad fitting of some glasses and facemasks
  • Fix for sunglasses and shooting glasses bug when they would randomly go transparent and show eyes underneath
  • Ibex head in the forward pose is slightly lowered
  • Fix for a bug where the rename input field would sometimes disappear in the lodge editor
  • Fix for a bug where achievements on the expedition statistics screen displayed as 1 off from what was actually earned. (Displayed 500 when you earned the 1000 achievement, 0 when earning the 1 achievement, and so on). This fix only applies to expeditions started after 2017-06-20 10:00 and is not retroactive to previously bugged expeditions

In progress:

  • Continue looking into the “roaming bears bug” – it was not solved completely with the last patch
  • Slow loading inventory times – almost there!
  • Investigating the bug with some players randomly not getting a taxidermy prompt
  • Fix for the broken graphics on Whiterime Ridge


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