Game Update



  • Hunting backpacks – new clothing item and new inventory slot. Backpacks don’t have any gameplay functionality, apart from camo for some of them (you can find more details in the store descriptions). Buying a character backpack does not increase your backpack capacity or carry weight. Increased capacity can be purchased under the “Upgrades” category. If you have bought the Increased capacity item (previously known as “Backpack”), you will get a Basic green backpack for free.


  • Trophy shot sync fix in Multiplayer
  • F2 camera now works within 360 degrees radius (so you can see the back of your characters, including new backpacks)
  • New launcher v808. Please note that there might be some hiccups when upgrading to a new launcher, but after it’s done, patching should go well. If you experience errors with updating the launcher: re-open the launcher and it should update fine after the first error. In the worst case scenario (should not be needed, but just in case), just install the new installer directly from the website

Bug fixes

  • Fix for the slow loading inventory, maps and trophy lodge UI (to fix this, we developed and implemented a new system for loading images for Inventory and Maps locally, rather than from the web as it was before)
  • Fix for the missing clock and too bright plants textures in the classy trophy lodge
  • Fix for the ammo color bug for the 12GA Pump action shotgun
  • Increase of the max travel range for 16GA birdshot
  • Tweaks to contextual help prompts with “buy” buttons to make them less intrusive
  • Fix for the reloading of the 12GA Pump action shotguns – they don’t show an empty shell flying out when reload is done anymore
  • Fix for the waterfowl flying through the trophy lodge
  • Fix for the F2 command for self look inside the trophy lodge



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