Game Update


  • New reserve – Piccabeen Bay
  • New species: Water buffalo, Banteng, Rusa Deer, Sambar Deer
  • New items: Sneaky 3D Tropical Forest Camo outfit, Rusa Deer “Grunt” Caller, Water Bottle
  • New feature – Warm weather gameplay on Piccabeen Bay and Bushrangers Run
  • Albino Water Buffalo and Banteng feature albino horns
  • New weather effect – thunderstorm and lightning, in Piccabeen Bay
  • Running water in Piccabeen Bay


  • New species will grant jollyPoints from today onwards.
  • Improved the quality of the terrain (textures) when using binoculars or scopes.

Bug fixes:

  • New launcher version – 810, improving patching and download on Windows 7 machines


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