Game Update



  • Updated sound mix for every animal calls on Piccabeen Bay
  • Updated warm weather protection values for most clothes, see store descriptions for more info: High (best protection), Low (moderate protection), None (no protection). Arid and Outback should now always have the same heat protection as Tropical forest camo
  • Water Buffalo health slightly increased
  • Slightly tweaked the haze effect to be less disruptive

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed collision for railroad and railroad tunnel exits
  • Dead Rusa & Sambar deer antlers position fixed
  • Fix for Banteng horns
  • Fix for Water Buffalo’s largest horns
  • Fix for Feral Hogs not making any sounds
  • Fix for Rusa deer antlers when dead
  • Fix for Rusa and Sambar achievements
  • Fix for pink albino antlers and tusks in trophy lodge
  • Fixed the issue with pink sambar and rusa deer females in the trophy lodge.
  • Fix for the freezing Rusa and Sambar deer
  • Fix for the broken glasses and sunglasses
  • Fix for Sambar Deer achievement pop-up constantly happening every time the player started a new session
  • Melanistic Banteng is now properly rare
  • Water clues should now spawn correctly for Banteng, Sambar & Rusa deer as well as Water buffalo.
  • Water Buffalo no longer spawns clues inaccessible to players in the water
  • Fix for missing icons  in the ‘Medkit/Fast travel’ Pie menu
  • Fix for the Water buffalo’s lower jaw
  • Fix for the water bottle not being given to guest players

In progress:

  • Loud thrilling sound on Whiterime Ridge
  • Game crash when using the Radio in the Rustic Trophy Lodge


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