Game Update

Hello Hunters,

Please see the changes for today’s Game Update below:


  • New Albino¬†fur textures on the Moose and Whitetail Deer.


  • Sambar Deer will now share the same ethical permitted ammunition list as the Elk.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed misplaced internal organs of the Feral Goat.
  • Bobcat cautious state now syncs in multiplayer.
  • Fixed charge sound on Feral Hogs.
  • Shiver camera shake added.
  • Fixed localisation string for trophy shots in a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed 9.3x74R Gunracks.
  • 9.3x74R O/U Rifle: Switched ammo in single reload animation.
  • 9.3x74R ballistics improved.
  • Glass material for the 1.1-8×30 Rifle Scope is now fixed.


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