Game Update

Hello Hunters,

Please see the changes for today’s Game Update below:


  • Grizzly Bears and Polar Bears should now go into a watching/listening state when the player comes within close proximity. Before, this state was skipped and bears proceeded to flee immediately. This fix results in them becoming less spooky.
  • Tweaked Grizzly Bears and Polar Bears to be slightly more aggressive than Brown and Black Bears.
  • Now when setting aim/look sensitivity to the lowest value on the slider, it should not completely stop the player from looking around/aiming.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix to audio bug in Whiterime Ridge. This fix includes an additional audio setting under Game Settings in the Launcher. Players experiencing this audio bug can enable the Extended Audio Memory option prior to launching to correct the issue. Those not experiencing the issue should leave the option unenabled.
  • Fix for ‘Illegally Blonde’ mission not spawning the right variant of Black Bear.
  • Newly taxidermied Albino Kangaroos will now have Albino fur in the Trophy Lodge, instead of having common fur. Unfortunately this won’t fix the issue for players that already have taxidermied Albino Kangaroos.
  • Fixed Sneaky 3D Summer Field Hunting Backpack. Model should now show up on players backs.
  • Timbergold Trail environment sound issue fixed and adjusted mix.
  • Fixed Piccabeen Bay name displaying incorrectly on loading screen.
  • General localization fixes.

Launcher 812


  • Added Extended Audio Memory option setting under Game Settings in the Launcher. The Extended Audio Memory option can be enabled prior to launching the game for players experiencing audio memory issues.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with Start and Tutorial buttons not being enabled after full game download.


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