Game Update

Hi all,
Today we introduce a new hunting companion for you all, the German Pointer!  Patch notes are below, a larger post specifically on the Pointer will follow soon, so watch for that!
German Pointer.
German Pointer Founder Collar.
Dogs will no longer walk in front of the player, blocking the player’s path.
Dogs will no longer move to sit in front of the player when startled by a shot.
Dogs are now calmer when the player is stationary.
The Retriever will bring fetched animals into blinds.
The Retriever will not longer spook animals when retrieving dead game.
Extended the Stay command to 150m.
Bug fixes:
Fix to bait sites not working correctly. Feeders should now attract as before.
Balanced audio levels across the biomes and improved zone transitions.
Reduced the levels of wind in some areas where the wind was too loud.
Known Issue:
There are currently some new issues with the UI layout.  This will be addressed in a future patch.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
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