Game Update

Hello Hunters,

Here are the patch notes from today’s patch:


  • New Vehicle – Park Ranger in 4 variants, namely, Beige, Black, Army and Stallion.
  • Added Gasoline in 3 different packs. 100, 50 and 25 unit packs. 50 unit pack is given to all members at the start of every session.


  • Dramatically lowered spook radius for the Recurve Bows, Cable Bow and Longbow.
  • Scent Hounds that have lost their track will be able to track again from their last found clue, even if it’s not a blood clue.
  • Whitetail Deer on Whiteheart Island shouldn’t spawn everywhere.
  • Added several new settings:
    • 1. Enable Chat which hides/shows in-game chat messages.
    • 2. Vehicle Camera Auto-center which toggles the camera auto positioning itself while driving the Park Ranger.
    • Multiplayer settings to set if the vehicle can be used by everyone, the host only or just disabled entirely.
  • “Toggle minigame” in the keybind settings menu has been renamed to “Show Huntermate Apps”.
  • Moderately improved damage of the Crossbow Pistol.

Bug fixes:

  • Alt-Tab issue should be resolved so that you don’t disconnect.
  • Fixed insanely high spook radius when shooting Crossbow Pistol.
  • Fixed the inability to aim after exiting tripod while reloading.
  • Fixed Sambar and Rusa Deer walking in a straight line both while being nervous and afterwards.
  • Fixed an issue where Dall Sheep would sometimes freeze in place while idling.
  • Fixed a minor issue with Feral Goats which caused Bushrangers Run to load slower.
  • The Drilling Rifle can now be used with tripod rest.
  • Fixed radio in the Rustic Trophy Lodge.
  • Fixed being able to use the sunglasses effect even after un-equipping them.
  • Removed graveyard in Hirschfelden.

Thanks all,


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