Game Update

Hello all,

Here are the notes from today’s patch.


  • Added Electronic Caller Add-on for Grey Wolves.
  • Implemented Engraved Drilling Rifle.
  • Add ability to command dog while in prone stance.
  • Added a new interpolation camera option in the options menu(mouse options). Makes it easier to turn and aim. (off by default).
  • Added fur variation to confirm kill screen.
  • Added a feedback message for when an animal gets spooked by a Park Ranger.


  • Slightly reduced health values of Magpie Goose.
  • You will now exit on the other side of the Park Ranger if the driver seat is obstructed.
  • Changed default resolution to 1600×900.
  • The straps for backpacks should now be more visible when wearing an arctic jacket.

Bug fixes:

  • Hopefully fixed an issue with animal features not showing or showing incorrectly(e.g. Broken Jaw).
  • Collectibles (e.g. Antler Sheds) should now always appear at the same place and look the same for all players in a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed a bug causing Magpie Goose callers to only play sounds in Piccabeen Bay.
  • Fixed an issue with water buffalos’ animation sometimes freezing in water.
  • Fixed swapped gender icons for Banteng.
  • Fixed a potential crash when a magpie goose was fetched by a retriever.


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