Game Update

THC_game_updates_piebald_sambar2Howdy Hunters! We are glad to announce a new update, here’s what you will find in it:

✅ Piebald fur variations were added for both Rusa and Sambar deer.

✅ By popular demand, partially empty ammo boxes now “auto-aggregate”. This means that if you have one box with 2 bullets and one with 3 bullets they will merge into one box with 5 bullets.

✅ Two new services have been added to the store, something that many of you have been asking for a long time:

➡️ Unlimited ammo subscription
➡️ Unlimited fuel subscription

Please note that these are premium features that are meant as a convenience. Both are available for em$ only.

For the next two weeks, 3 days and 1-month subscriptions will be discounted by 50% to give you the chance to try them out!

We hope you enjoy the new additions!

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