Game Update


* Muzzleloader: A new caplock rifle shooting .50 caliber lead balls and featuring a lot of smoke and the most complicated reloading cycle to date.

* In game achievement messages. You will now get messages in the upper left corner of the screen telling you which ones you unlock while playing.

* Updated tracks for Coyote, Black bear, Turkey, Pheasant and Wild boar: We have updated the tracks for the remaining animals that weren’t included last time. Also the Wild Boar tracks were tweaked according to some relevant feedback we got.

* New Wild boar and Feral hog clue type; rooting. New track types add more variation and this one has been on our own internal wishlist for quite some time. These tracks work similar to bedding tracks and appear as pigs are feeding, usually out on the fields.

* It is now possible to cancel weapon reload on all weapons by using the right mouse button while reloading. The weapon will not end up reloaded regardless of where in the animation it was cancelled.

* A small shed/storage has been added to the lodges at Redfeather falls and Hirschfelden. This was a small introduction/learning task for one of our interns and adds a nice little addition/variation to the lodge areas.

* Improved cheat detection. Nothing to see here. As long as you don´t cheat in the game you will be fine!

* Increased the spawn probability of high scoring Mule & Blacktail Deer. This does not add any new antlers, it increases the chance of seeing one of the high scoring animals already in the game. We plan to add more visual variation in the future.

Bug fixes
* Road signs in the middle Hirschfelden woods removed. Someone found a stray sign standing in the woods, and while looking at it we found a second one as well. How they got there remains unknown but they are gone now.

* Localized Huntermate screen in French had a small spelling error that has been fixed (“al” changed to “la”).

* Improved collision volume on straw bales. Should reduce the risk of bullets/arrows hitting the corners on these things.

* Added localized Huntermate screens for Swedish and Norwegian language.

* Missing clues/tracks/footprints has been fixed. The problem was related to a memory buffer being capped and as we upgraded the animal tracks they were not rendered properly.

* The camera now saves screenshots with the correct aspect ratio when playing in widescreen mode.

* Improved water detection for the player. In some situations it was possible to end up below the water surface. This should now be further prevented from happening.

* “Hold breath” bug fixed. As you held your breath while exiting the “aim mode” there was a problem with the breath not being reset properly.

* Bows can not be aimed without arrows anymore.

* Fixed the “aim in free look” exploit. Aiming in free look mode has been addressed causing the wobble and drop to work properly.

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