Game Update


* Animals drop clues more often when changing direction. This should make it a bit easier to track animals.

* Mule Deer antlers tweaked – The visual appearance of the antlers now corresponds better with what they score. This includes a new XL World Record model for 200+ antlers.

Bug fixes

* The Muzzleloader iron sights are now better aligned. This should fix the problem where players experienced the zero setting as ~30 m when it should be 50 m.

* Fix for the broken bolt action animation of the .243, .270 and .300 rifle.

* Fix for the incorrect finger placement used to hold the Recurve Bow arrow.

* Roe Deer Caller sound volume tweaked – All variations should now have roughly the same volume. This resolves the issue where some players experienced the caller as sometimes sounding broken.

* Several random crash fixes.

* Fix for achievements being wrongfully awarded when using unpermitted ammunition.

* Improved cheat detection.


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