Game Update

* Members can now see their character when taking Trophy shots. Members can change item and change the stance of their character. In the Edit mode, the left mouse button is used to move the animal or character. Right mouse button is used to rotate the character. In the Camera mode you take a picture with the left mouse button.

* We have made the “Hurt state” more easy to understand. The screen pulsates red when the character has been knocked down by an animal. The text telling the player to press E (default) is shown for a much longer time.
* You can now change item and stance of your character when using the mirror camera mode. (default F2)
* Error handling for when the game fails to open a menu page (inventory, map, menu, loading,…). The player will get an error message and will be able to resume the game instead of a white error page.

* A new Launcher has been released. It should apply patches a little faster.

Bug fixes
* World items now show up in the correct positions and are usable for everyone
* Fix for a random crash that could occur when a player joined a game
* Crossbow does not auto reload when “auto reload” option is disabled
* Fix for the scent eliminator message being shown to the wrong player
* The correct sound is now played when aiming the Parker Python bow
* Fix for oversized arrows


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