Game update

* New Reserve – Rougarou Bayou – Swampy wetlands inspired by the US South
* New Species – Mallard – New species with unique new gameplay (Learn more)
* Mallard Decoys – Used to lure high flying ducks within shooting range
* Mallard Long Range Caller – Used to lure high flying ducks within shooting range
* Mallard Short Range Caller – Used to bring low flying or swimming ducks even closer
* Waterfowl Blind – Hide from ducks with unrestricted field of view
* Player Knockout Ragdoll – Players mauled by animals now have a full body physics ragdoll to be tossed about.
* TrackIR – Is back!
* Spine, Skull, Hipbone & Shoulderbone added to Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Blacktail Deer, Coyote & Red Fox
* Turkeys have a couple of new idle animations
* New Clue Type – Water Track – Allows for better tracking in swampy areas such as Rougarou Bayou & Redfeather Falls
* New Clue Type – Trotting track – You can now tell if an animal was trotting in addition to running and walking

* The confirm kill tacking dome is now visible to all players. Previously it was only visible to the player that took the last shoot before death
* Animals no longer take damage from birdshot at ranges above 75m. The recommended range for effective kills vs. Mallard & Pheasant is still less than 40m.
* The three send modes in the in-game chat are now more visible. Use the prefix “/a” to send to all, “/t” to send to team or “/w playername” to whisper to a player. The Tab-key can be used to quickly switch between send modes.
* Harvest value is now displayed in the chat (“Confirm Kill”-notifications)
* Weapon used when shooting is now displayed in the chat (“Fired At”-notifications)
* You can no longer confirm kills from within a blind

* Coyote & Red Fox now takes less damage from being hit in the tail and legs.
* It is now easier to lift animals in the Trophy shot mode.
* Decreased the amount of data sent between players in multiplayer
* The camera now shows a white flash when taking pictures

Bug fixes
* Fix for missing piebald male feral hogs – you should now be able to run across them on some occasions
* Several random crash fixes
* Turkey courting animation is now played in the right state
* Aggressive animals are now somewhat more likely to attack players
* Ragdoll serialization fix. -Previously there were occasions when dead animals did not always look the same for all players in multiplayer games
* Placed world items (tents, blinds etc.) load a little bit faster
* Whitetailed Deer ears now have a more realistic pose
* Far away trees near water are now visible
* Fixed a player knockout bug – when fast traveling it did not always remove the blinking red screen
* Fix for the team/score screen not always showing the correct score when joining a game
* Auto walk is now disabled when the “You have left the reserve”-map is displayed
* The upper jaw of dead moose now looks a lot better
* Fix for a broken “wounded moose”-animation
* Several small terrain fixes where players could get stuck


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