Game Update

* Goose!
* Remaining Scent Eliminator time is now displayed while equipped

* New HUD gui
* Statuses are permanently shown: Stances, Freelook & Item Info (Toggleable in Options)
* Interaction Messages are now permanent while remaining in interactable area
* Ingame Messages have been better grouped according to their subject
* Mallard and Geese score is now in grams

Bug fixes
* Animals can no longer call when sleeping.
* Fix for a animal vision bug.
* Scent eliminator was reset when fast traveling. Now it only resets at end of day.
* Fix for sometimes executing commands twice while using a Pie Menu
* Fix for sometimes getting double notifications in the chat
* Fix bug where number of waterfowls available to spawn decreased faster than it should be
* Fix bug where waterfowls didn’t die when hit
* Fixed web avatar stretch bug
* Fix for high flying mallard sound not playing after a while
* Fix for inventory bug where player could equip items in wrong slots
* Small terrain fixes for place where animals could get stuck.
* Fix for the strange wing flap sound when bagging birds.


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