Game Update

* Item loading optimizations. Items belonging to other players are now only loaded when close to other players.
* Trophy Shot, Profile Shot and Reticles have been revamped to the new GUI System
* Old GUI system has now been replaced by the new system
* Increased amount of placed stands and blinds limit from 5 to 10 per reserve
* Waterfowl blinds and ground blinds do not share limit anymore (you can place 10 waterfowl blinds and 10 ground blinds per reserve)

Bug fixes
* Lever action iron sight model fix
* Fix for player not holding an item after teleporting
* Fix for player getting stuck when placing the character in obstructed areas while using Trophy Shot Edit Mode and then exiting the mode
* Small terrain fix on Rougarou Bayou. (Animals could get stuck in the water)
* Score sheet registers waterfowl blind as platform (it said ground blind before)
* Scent Eliminator “has worn off” message now displays the correct text
* Ground blind exit message is back
* Enterable Items (such as Ground blinds, etc) no longer say “…exit item” and instead now say “…exit ground blind” (or the corresponding item name)



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