Game Update

* 10 all new Blacktail Deer Missions – Help EHR legend “HoneyBee” get the exploding Blacktail population under control.
* Blacktail Deer Antler improvements – Antlers should now visually match better with what they score. In addition to this we have also added a new world record antler and made a couple improvements to the visual appearance of already existing antlers.
* New Unknown Gender Icon – Previously the male icon was always displayed in the HunterMate for tracks where the gender was not know. This created some confusion so we now display a brand new “Unknown Gender” icon instead. Once the gender has been identified the icon change to a gender specific icon for all the following tracks. This change applies to all species.

Bug Fixes
* Exit trophy shot random crash fix.
* Weapon ammo crash fix. (could happen when moving weapons and ammo in the inventory)
* Tracking age information is now in game time instead of real world time
* All unit information in the Confirm Kill Screen has been converted to the metric system. – This is part of the process of adding “measurement system” as an option. Imperial will be added in a later update.
* Fixed a bug caused by the “weight to score decoupling” where the visual appearance of antlers sometimes would deviate somewhat from the score. – This bug affected all species that do not have weight as part of their score.


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