Game Update


* .50 Inline Muzzleloader


* If you try to climb a very steep slope, you may slide back a few meters
* Trajectory, Penetration & Damage tweak for increased realism of:
.300 Rifles
.30-06 Rifles
8×57 Rifles
.308 Rifle & Handgun
.270 Rifles
.243 Rifles
.357 Revolvers
.44 Revolvers
.454 Revolvers
.50 Cal Muzzleloader Round Ball
12 GA Shotgun Slug
12 GA Buckshot

Bug fixes
* Fix for scent eliminator not always working for clients in a multiplayer game.
* Fix for missing localized “unassigned” text in the F3 team view
* Fix for turkeys responding to turkey box caller
* Fix for Waterfowl Blind message having a Ground Blind icon



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