Game Update


* Deployable Hunting Tower


The deployable hunting tower is an exclusive item with which we intend to provide an additional bonus to some of our memberships at no extra cost for members. The hunting tower can only be acquired through the purchase of selected memberships and membership bundles (when buying a 6-month-membership or a Pathfinder bundle you’ll get 1 tower, when buying a 12-month-membership or a Trailrunner bundle you’ll get 3). If you have an active 6- or 12-month membership at the moment of the release, you’ll receive 1 hunting tower in your inventory. This exclusive membership item only applies to new and existing memberships purchased via our website or Steam, not retail boxes.


* Updated localization

* Turkey Decoy icons have been added to the HunterMate map

* Turkeys now have lungs and heart – Fix for the turkey issue which appeared after the ballistics update for arrows, when it became no longer practical to instantly kill Turkey with a bow (unless you hit the head or neck which is really hard at the required range). If Turkey doesn’t die immediately, it would enter a flee mode and spook other birds in its vicinity, which made obsolete the “silent massacre strategy” that many players have come to love.

With the introduction of lungs and heart, penetration of either one of these organs leads to instant death which should allow for the massacre to be revived, although with an added skill requirement, as you now need to hit the chest area of the Turkey for it to be effective. However, it’s important to note that since the internal organs of a RL Turkey present a very small target area we have chosen to super-size these in the game for gameplay reasons.

Bug fixes

* Fix for reindeer migration randomness when choosing migration target
* Fix for waterfowls randomness when choosing a target to fly to
* You now get a message saying you are not allowed to shoot animals from a target range. (Animals shot from a target range do not take damage)
* Fix for reindeer rattler caller only attracting males (they did attract females before)
* Fix for reindeer scoring when spotting the animal (removed score cap at 555)


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