Game Update

Attention: This is the first patch with fixes. We continue monitoring the performance and working hard on fixing the rest of issues and bugs. After we are confident that the game is stable we’ll come with a suitable compensation plan for everyone affected by the recent crashes and issue. You can expect to hear more on this from us soon. Once again, we are very sorry for all the troubles.

Hannes Rhodin
theHunter Producer

Bug fixes

* The calling of new animals on Whitetime Ridge fixed (there is still a problem with Sitka)

* Attacking AI fixed for all animals (except bison since it already worked for it)

* Spooking AI fixes (some animals didn’t spook correctly)

* Fixed crash at the start of game

* Fixed random crash when playing the game

* Fix for the bear and hog bait bug

* Achievement page design is fixed

* Not working retail codes are fixed

* Sitka deer images are now correct

* Fix for tracks in the air

* Fix for the weapon wobble

* Fix for ammo not replenishing

* Whiterime Ridge sound improvements


* Fix for invisible tracking domes – Now they are brighter on Whiterime Ridge

* New 19th season started. (Due to a database glitch seasons 17 and 18 were very only about 30 minutes long.)

* We’ve also added some code to try to find the issues with the stats being lost on the server


In progress:

* Score estimate for bison in spotting info is not showing the correct value

* FPS drop

* Game crashes with stats not being registered (we implemented some code to collect more data on this)

* Tent functionality broken – it is now possible to fast-travel to tents after being frozen

* Crow sound sometimes being too loud

* Issues for Windows XP users


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