Game Update – Bug Fixes


Howdy Hunters!

We’ve been continuing our campaign against the scourge of bugs and here’s the list:

Bug Fixes

✅ Eurasian Lynx internal organs fixed now, it was impossible to hit any.

✅ Bobcat’s and Eurasian Lynx’s sounds were reverted, as they used to be before Puma release.

✅ Fixed the Score/Weight estimations on day 2 of hunting, as it used to show the parameters of the animals from the first day.

✅ Fixed the problem with some non-Latin characters in-game (i.e. ń, é, ń, ř, Cyrillic characters, etc).

✅ Sometimes the language of Daily missions switched to English even if translation existed. It is fixed now.

✅ Competitions’ leaderboard is fixed to be ordered by timestamp in case of equal results.

✅ “Going Uphill” mission missed the ‘male’ condition in the code, fixed now.

✅ Em$ purchase for Costa Rica and Vietnam is available now

✅ Removed achievements for .17 HMR (Engraved) and .300 Bolt Action Rifle (Muddy Girl) as these are difficult to get and it affects the overall achievements’ progress


✅ Removed Non-typical deer species from the Skills list, as they shared the skills with Typicals anyway

✅ Clicking the gm$ or em$ buttons of the launcher’s top menu goes to the appropriate Purchase history page (instead of the general Bank purchase history)

We’ll have more for you soon!

Grab the Update HERE and see what all the fuss is about.

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