Game Update – Competitions and QoL


Howdy Hunters!

We’ve put together some serious QoL fixes for you in this release, most of them about the Competitions and competitive spirit theHunter Classic is famous for:

✅ The gm$ limit has been increased to 99 999 999 instead of 999 999. Believe it or not, Some players complained that they cannot earn more than a million.
✅ Locations mentioned in the WRR travel missions are shown as exclamation marks on the Hunter Mate now.
✅ Event missions become inactive once the event is over.
✅ Points for event competitions did not always apply automatically, fixed now.
✅ Score system has been slightly updated for animals scored purely by weight like ptarmigans and the rabbit family, and any animals scored by skull size to add more differentiation to the harvested animals and decrease the number of players sharing places in leaderboards. As a side effect, all scores now have 4 decimals. We understand that this is a small step away from realism, but hope it will increase the competitive aspect and eliminate dozens of similar scores in the leaderboards. Please note that all previous harvests will stay as is, but an extra zero will be added to the score there for consistency. Only new harvests will have the proper 4 decimals in the score, therefore we released it today together with a new season start.

A major update of competitions:

✅ All regular competitions were re-scheduled completely to keep the balance for the simultaneously running competitions (and another reason you’ll find out soon :) ).
✅ All animal trophies are updated with brand new ones.
✅ Unpopular competitions largely replaced with the new ones in rotation. Let us know if you want more new comps in the regular rotation!
✅ Bugfixes (missing/incorrect ammo and weapons, missing info in description, etc).
✅ Updated headers (some animals missed it and used the generic one). All single animal comps now have pretty new headers for you to enjoy.
✅ The formatting of all competitions has been changed for better readability and consistency.

Unfortunately, this will cause a problem with translations – as any changed string becomes untranslated. We sincerely apologize for that (both to you and the translation teams)! We will catch up with any that are still untranslated as quickly as we can.

Grab the Update HERE on Steam.

Well, that’s it for now. Look forward to more from us soon!

Happy hunting!

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