Game Update – Fallow Deer


Howdy hunters!

The moment is here at last. Fallow Deer are live on Hirschfelden, where you will find them all over the map.

Trophy Poses and Scent Spray are available, with the Reindeer Rattle now becoming a Deer Rattle that attracts Fallow bucks as well as Reindeer bulls. Look forward to the Fallow Deer Missions and competitions soon.

As always, please report any bugs to us so we can quash them quickly.

Check out this video from HooCairs to get a leg up on your hunting.

For those of you hoping we’ll tell you what’s releasing next, after this experience, we’re never doing that again. Doc was right, it’s better to maintain an air of mystery.

Grab the update HERE on Steam.

Happy Hunting!

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