Game Update – Harvest Screen and Tweaks


Howdy Hunters,

We got plenty of requests after the skulls update and decided to make a small patch with these fixes before the whole team leaves for a well deserved holiday:

✅ The Harvest window has been updated to get rid of the need for any spin menus. You can now tax, trophy shot, or sell from that single Harvest window, and see the amount of gm$ you’ll get from selling. Taxidermy is still confirmed on the next window in case of misclicks  Note that you can still do the Delayed Taxidermy as usual. Did you know that if you do a Delayed Taxidermy during the hunt, it still counts as Immediate?
✅ The Bleached skulls have been whitened a little more according to requests from the community.
✅ A few competition and mission description fixes to keep things running smoothly.

Grab the update on Steam!

Well, that’s all for now. Happy Hunting!

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