Game Update – New Tutorials and Bug Fixes


Howdy Hunters,

Happy release day! We’ve got a small update for you today, there’s been something else taking up a lot of our attention. Let’s not point fingers at a certain obtuse deer.

✅ We’ve added two new tutorials added  – Bow/Xbow + Tree Stand and Snow Geese + Retriever – where you can test every Bow and Crossbow and get a feel for fowling respectively.
✅ Plus a few bug fixes:

  • Sometimes there was a delay in communication with a server which caused 0.2 seconds of wound time for instant kills, which reduced the Harvest Value – it is fixed now.
  • The Confirm Kill screen was showing incorrect information about the reward for birds shot on the ground – fixed now.
  • A few minor fixes for existing missions and competitions.

Grab the update on Steam!

Stay tuned, more coming very soon.

Happy hunting!

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