Game Update – QoL and Bug Squashing


Howdy Hunters!

We have another small set of QoL improvements ready for you! It includes:

✅ In-game chat now supports Cyrillic characters.
✅ E-caller now has an outline once you click B (by default) button to make it easier to find :)
✅ A bug that sometimes allowed players to put any ammo into any weapon is fixed now. So there is no way to shoot an arrow using a shotgun anymore. Sorry to people that enjoyed that, but it was a bug, not a feature.
✅ Store descriptions have been updated for lodges and dogs to be clearer.
✅10-years anniversary jackets sometimes didn’t award automatically, now fixed.
✅ All bugs for the recently added competitions found by players have been fixed too. Thanks for your help!

A few missions fixed:
✅ ‘Specific Accuracy’ (Traditional Bow missions) – description fixed
✅ ‘Barely Seeing Red’ (Red Kangaroo missions) – description fixed
✅ ‘Preparing For The Feast’ (Settler Creeks Travel missions) – weapons fixed to support all Compound Bows
✅  ‘Payback’ (Roe Deer missions) – description fixed
✅ ‘Patient Zero’ (Sambar Deer missions) – fixed the parameters to work properly according to its description
✅ ‘Rock and Roll’ (Rocky Mountain Elk missions) – weapons fixed to support all ethical rifles

As usual, let us know if you come across any problems with the fixes.

We’ll be back soon with more, look forward to it!

Grab the Update HERE on Steam.

Happy hunting!

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