Game Update – Skulls


Howdy Hunters,

With this release, we’re bringing you an exciting little feature we hope will extend to something great: Skull Mounts to decorate your Lodge with! We’re starting off with 3 mountable skulls for Grey Wolf, Brown Bear, and Puma each with 3 decoration styles:

✅ Bleached
✅ Natural
✅ Decorated (each species has its one unique style)
When you opt to tax an animal, you’ll see the option to mount the skull, if it has a Skull Mount. In the Lodge, you can pick the skin you’d like your skull to have just like you adjust a taxed animal.

So, send us your feedback and let us know what you think of the starter batch. We have more Skulls and separate mountings planned, but let’s get the first couple right (wink)

By necessity, the Update this time is a bit chunky (sorry about that), but there’s a fair bit to lay the groundwork for this feature and other upcoming releases.

Grab the update on Steam!

Look forward to more stuff soon. Happy Hunting!

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