Halloween 2023


Howdy Hunters!

Did you hear the distant howling of a crazed man-wolf? No? Head over to Setter Creeks then. As far as we can tell, the Whiro Feral Hogs appeared on Settler Creeks and in a move reminiscent of every zombie movie ever, they infected all the other animals in the reserve too before anyone could even scream. That’s right, this year we’re on Settler’s. Along with Werewolves stalking the shadowy forests, you’ll find a host of other creepy creatures, mostly less aggressive but a couple are somewhat dangerous if you get too close. There’s new stuff, old stuff, and creepy stuff, so go have fun in the campaign, missions, competitions, and hunting in general.

Participate for the prizes, the trophies, and the glory! The hunter with the most Bat$ at the end of November 2nd will win a very generous first prize!

In order to take part in the event, you will have to click on the big banner you will find in the Launcher (or Website) home page:


Read on and familiarize yourself with the rules of the event.


Duration: 9 days

Start: 25 October 2023 (Wednesday) – morning

End:  2 November 2023 (Tuesday) – 23.59 UTC

Please remember that the clocks change on Sunday 29th so the end time may not be what you expect depending on your location.



So how do you collect Bat$?


A slight catch, you’ll have to look for everything in Settler Creeks. Hey, you should be there anyway! That’s where all the fun stuff is.

This is how the prize pool looks:



This year’s mission is called Gilles??

Howdy, there seems to be evidence that Gilles de Rais is still among the living… Well, we assume he’s living, but it’s Halloween and you really can’t be sure that just because someone is moving around they’re alive, right? We’ve lost a lot of operatives confirming Gilles’ involvement this year (and others? Who can say?). Anyway, we’re out of spies, so you’re going to have to take what information we can give you and hunt this particular werewolf down! Between all our determined hunters, someone will get GIlles, right? Remember to pack plenty of silver with you, nothing else we have will help you.

While you’re out there, Van wanted you to pick up some samples. You may have noticed that once again we have some new critters running around with their werewolf buddies. Make sure you hunt with Wolfsbane and silver, or you’re only going to irritate them.

The mission will last through the event duration from the 25th October to the 2nd November

Completing it will earn the hunter the following rewards:



Qualifying in a competition awards 100 Bat$ for each comp. You don’t need to place, just have an entry.

Prizes for the competitions look like this:


Each competition comes with 7 tiers based on your Hunter Score:



What would a game be without rules?

We have one simple rule for our events: No exploitation of existing game mechanics to gain an advantage. All winners’ hunts will be checked by EW staff prior to prizes being rewarded, and the decision will be final.

In case of exploits usage, EW has a right to disqualify the player from this event.


And what would an Event be without sales? We’re not sure, but we do know that we’d get nasty messages if we skipped them, so we’ve made sure to put sales in.

Make sure to check out the Sales section to see the full list!


That’s all folks, any questions, feel free to post them below.

Enjoy all!

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