Happy Holidays 2020


Ho-Ho-Howdy hunters!

It’s that time of the year again when people are nice to each other, exchange pretty presents and… hunt down Reindeer in Hemmeldal!

“Holidays are not about presents!” I hear you say? What a steaming pile of charcoal! This year’s holidays are ALL about Present$!

You can get Present$ points by taking part in our special holiday mission and competitions, as well as harvesting animals and finding collectible presents scattered around the EHR!

We have frozen Christmas time (time will always be 18:00) and decked the halls in Hemmeldal. There are some nice Christmas decorations placed around the reserve… as well as Rudolph, so keep an eye on those Reindeer noses, as harvesting them will also grant you a sizeable amount of Present$!

In order to take part in the event, you will have to click on the big banner you will find in the Launcher (or Website) home page:


Participate for the prizes, the trophies, and the glory! The hunter with the most Present$ at the end of December the 21st will win a very generous first prize!


The event comes with 5 competitions each lasting 3 days finishing just as the new one starts!

Check the calendar below to see their exact order.

Completing a competition in any place (just qualify!) will also award the hunter 200 Present$ points.

Each competition comes with 7 tiers based on your Hunter Score:


Prizes for the competitions look like this:



This year’s mission is called Searching for Rudolph. It’s only one mission, but it’s as challenging as a whole mission pack!

You will have to harvest one animal for each species living the Hemmeldal hunting reserve, and ultimately find the elusive red-nosed Reindeer.

“Searching for Rudolph” will last for the whole event’s duration, from the 7th to the 21st of December.

Completing this mission will earn the hunter the following rewards:

✳️ 5000 gm$
✳️ A winter camo tree-stand
✳️ 500 Present$ points
✳️ A trophy



This year Santa has dropped collectible presents all over the EHR and if you find them, you can pick them up to earn Present$ points.

They are a lot rarer than in previous years though (has someone been misbehaving, huh?) so if you find some consider yourself lucky!

On top of collectibles, harvesting animals in ANY reserve during the Happy Holidays 2020 event also gives you Present$.

Ultimately, the more Present$ you collect, the more in-game prizes you are rewarded.

These are all the different ways in which you can earn Present$:


And this is how the event’s prize pool looks:



During the Happy Holidays 2020 Campaign, a number of items will be on sale in the Store, including a juicy 50% discount on both version of the 16GA/9.3x74R Drilling Combination Gun.combination_gun_93x74r_16ga

Make sure to check out the Sale section to see the full list!


Last but not least here’s a handy calendar to help you keep track of the various events over the course of the campaign.

Start: 7 December 2020
End: 21 December 2020


Any questions, feel free to post them below. Enjoy all!

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