Holidays 2022


Happy Holidays, Hunter.

It’s that time of year again when part of the world freezes in darkness and the rest of you lucky people enjoy the delights of summer. Wherever you are and however you spend the last few weeks of the year, we know you’re probably busy, so let’s kick off our final event of the year. A campaign, mission, 5 competitions, all over in time for you to do your Holiday shopping at the last minute. Well, when else are you going to do it? You know there’s always someone left. That person you forgot, or that one who’s IMPOSSIBLE to shop for, or your best friend’s new love interest you thought wouldn’t last the weekend… Well, don’t worry about it now. Play some Classic to take your mind off things.

The event lasts from the 7th of December to the 21st of December, featuring the usual Campaign, Mission but 5 Competitions.

Participate for the prizes, the trophies, and the glory! The hunter with the most Present$ at the end of December the 21st will win a generous first prize!

In order to take part in the event, you will have to click on the big banner you will find in the Launcher (or Website) home page:


Read on and familiarize yourself with the rules of the event.


Duration: 15 days

Start: 7th December 2022 (Wednesday) – morning

End:  21st December 2022 (Tuesday) – 23.59 UTC



There are Holiday collectibles all over the EHR! Pick them up when you see them and collect Present$! Harvests also award Present$, so think of them as stocking stuffers and have at it!



The more Present$ you collect, the more in-game prizes you are rewarded. This is how the prize pool looks:



This year’s mission is called O Come All Ye Hunters

Since Hemmeldal is decked with, well, Rudolphs, let’s spend our time there, shall we? Don’t worry, we’re sure that creepy laugh is nothing to worry about. Just enjoy the soothing winter scene around you. While you’re out there, we have a bit of a shopping list for you. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too hectic. After all, we want you done in time for your own celebrations, don’t we? Of course, if you’d rather spend ALL your time hunting we understand and fully support your decision. Let’s get to that list, shall we?

The mission will last through the event’s duration from the 7th December to 21st December.

Completing it will earn the hunter the following rewards:



5 tiered competitions to take part in, each running for 3 days. Unlike our usual events, none of them will overlap. Check the Calendar above if you’re confused.

Prizes for the competitions look like this:


Each competition comes with 7 tiers based on your Hunter Score:



What would a game be without rules?

We have one simple rule for our events: No exploitation of existing game mechanics to gain an advantage. All winners’ hunts will be checked by EW staff prior to prizes being rewarded, and the decision will be final.

In case of exploits usage, EW has a right to disqualify the player from this event.


We’ve got some tasty sales for this event in the Store, including a juicy 60% discount on some Holiday Items.

Make sure to check out the Sale section to see the full list!


That’s all folks, any questions, feel free to post them below.

Enjoy all!

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