Moving to the cloud

As you know from our earlier status updates, we have been working on implementing a new server solution for Moving the code base to the cloud has been a major task for us, but a necessary one to keep up with the demands of new players coming in and make sure that the service is stable and minimize downtime.

This project is now coming to a close, and we will make the switch to the cloud during next week. Moving to the cloud will be a two step process, beginning at around 7 AM on the morning of Monday, March 17th. We will start by deploying the new, cloud prepared code to our current live server. This will cause some downtime, and any running games will be closed. Once we re-open the site, you should be able to play as you normally do.

When the code is up and running, we will monitor traffic for a while to make sure that everything is stable. Once we feel certain that everything is working as intended, we will once again close the site while we make the actual move to the cloud. This will happen within a few days from the first release, and will be announced in advance. This will again cause some downtime while we point our DNS servers towards the version of theHunter running in the cloud. Once the DNS change falls through, you will be able to access in the new server environment.

The move to the cloud means that we have been making a lot of code changes behind the scenes. Some features have seen minor noticeable upgrades or tweaks, but the site should look and feel pretty much the same as before. As always, is evolving and we will continue to monitor traffic and performance after we make the switch to get the site running as fast and bug-free as possible.

This update will also include the new inventory that we have previously mentioned. The new inventory works the same way as the old one, but major changes have been made to the way it handles your inventory data, and as a result many players will experience significantly shorter load times.


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