New Tutorials



When we monitor our communication channels (Forum, Steam, Discord, Facebook, and others) we’re so proud of how kind and helpful our community is (another huge thanks for that!). Any new player gets proper suggestions and advice instantly. On the other hand, we felt guilty we weren’t so helpful ourselves, as Classic is quite difficult for new players. Therefore, we decided we needed to do our bit too, and we started with re-doing the Tutorials from scratch. For now, we are glad to present two brand new tutorials to you: The Basics and Tower Usage, to be followed by a few others which are in progress and will be added later. We hope it will help our new players understand the game’s hunting techniques better and grow our beloved community!

Please note that this update is bigger than usual due to some small internal changes that have caused Steam to recalculate a few extra files… We’ve done what we can to mitigate the size but unfortunately, we can’t reduce it any further.

Grab the Update HERE on Steam.

Happy hunting!

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