Weekend Sale!

Black_heart_sales_800x450To help you hunt Blacktail Deer in our “Black Heart” weekly competition we have set a few items on sale, including Deer callers, .50 Cap Lock Muzzleloader, 16GA/9.3x74R Drilling Combination Gun and much more!

Also for those of you who own a Park Ranger vehicle we are glad to let you know that due to the recent cuts in petrol price in the EHR we can now offer you gasoline at a whopping 60% discount!

Check out the complete list of items on sale here: https://www.thehunter.com/#store/sales

Sale ends on Tuesday April the 14th at 13:00 CET

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April Fools 2020 Weekend


Something strange is going on in Whitehart Island and Settler Creeks, have you noticed yet? If you haven’t, be sure to go out for a hunt in those reserves as this year’s April Fools event has just been extended for the whole weekend!


April Fools 2020 – Best Trophy Shot

Together with the April Fools event, we are hosting a Best Trophy Shot Competition on theHunter Classic’s Forum. If you are good with photos, make sure to give it a shot for a chance to win 500 em$

Deer April – The Whitetail Episode

This week end we have prepared a new in-game competition with sweet em$ prizes for all of you deer hunters out there. Check it out and join it.


Classic_sale_april_1Launcher[1]Last but not least we have discounted a few items for the weekend to help you hunters catch some of those elusive Whitetails. Check them out before the sale ends.

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Release Notes

Howdy, hunters!
We know most of your expectations are about the new species announced during last month’s stream, but it’s a taking a bit longer to cook than we expected – so please bear with us (no pun intended!).
In the meantime, we are releasing a small patch to keep things rolling and hopefully keep you happy too.
Here is the changelog:
  • Fixed beak and snood positions issue during trophy shot.
  • Beard does not disappear inside the body during trophy shot anymore.
  • Internal organs’ size and location have been fixed, which should improve accuracy with hitboxes.
12 GA Blaser F3 Game O/U Shotgun
  • Barrel was still crooked in prone position – fixed now.
  • Some competitions header images still featured old animals (Turkey, Black Bear and Brown Bear). They are now fixed and updated. Please let us know if there are still any that should be updated.
  • “Biggest Canada Goose – Started” competition’s description was incorrect. – fixed.
  • “A Shocking Turn of Events” mission had incorrect objectives, it can now be correctly completed.
  • “Sambar deer Mission #2 – Sample Analysis” mission had incorrect objectives description – fixed now.
Last but by not by any means least, here’s a very cool video from Master Hunter & content creator HooCairs showcasing some of the fixes.
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Weekly Sale!


To help you hunt Red Deers and European Rabbits in our weekly Community Competition “Lucky Leprechaun” we have set a few items on sale, including Red Deer caller, Red Deer scent, .22 Air Rifle, .270 Bolt Action Rifle and much more!

DOGS – To top that off, we have decided to discout ALL Labrador Retrievers to help you hunters to fetch those elusive rabbits

GASOLINE – For those of you who own a vehicle we are glad to announce that due to the recent cuts in petrol price in the EHR we can now offer you gasoline at a whopping 60% discount!

Sale ends on Monday March the 16th at 13:00 CET

Check it out at: https://www.thehunter.com/#store/sales

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Weekly Sales!


To help you hunting hog and boars in our weekly Community Competition “Double Bacon” we have set a few items on sale, including Anschütz Bolt Action Rifle, .45 Long Colt RevolverCompound Bow “Pulsar”Hog callerHog scentHog feeder and much more, up to 50% off!

Check it out at: https://www.thehunter.com/#store/sales

Sale ends on Monday March the 2nd at 13:00 CET, so hurry up!

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Weekly Sales


To help you hunting those pesky turkeys in our week-end Community Competition we have set a few items on sale, including the newly released forest-camo shotgun, turkey callers and decoys and a selection of weapons particularly suitable for turkey hunting!

Check out all the discounted weapons and equipment here: https://thehunter.com/#store/sales

Sale ends on Monday, February 24, 2020 at 12:00pm CET, so hurry up!

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Weekly Sales


This week sale focuses on equipment and weapons that will help you hunting the elusive roe deer, including the roe deer caller and roe deer spray scent, an alpine camo tent and a few classic bows!

Sale ends on Monday 17 February at 13:00 CET, so hurry up!

Check it out: https://thehunter.com/#store/sales

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