Release Notes

Howdy, hunters!
We know most of your expectations are about the new species announced during last month’s stream, but it’s a taking a bit longer to cook than we expected – so please bear with us (no pun intended!).
In the meantime, we are releasing a small patch to keep things rolling and hopefully keep you happy too.
Here is the changelog:
  • Fixed beak and snood positions issue during trophy shot.
  • Beard does not disappear inside the body during trophy shot anymore.
  • Internal organs’ size and location have been fixed, which should improve accuracy with hitboxes.
12 GA Blaser F3 Game O/U Shotgun
  • Barrel was still crooked in prone position – fixed now.
  • Some competitions header images still featured old animals (Turkey, Black Bear and Brown Bear). They are now fixed and updated. Please let us know if there are still any that should be updated.
  • “Biggest Canada Goose – Started” competition’s description was incorrect. – fixed.
  • “A Shocking Turn of Events” mission had incorrect objectives, it can now be correctly completed.
  • “Sambar deer Mission #2 – Sample Analysis” mission had incorrect objectives description – fixed now.
Last but by not by any means least, here’s a very cool video from Master Hunter & content creator HooCairs showcasing some of the fixes.
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Weekly Sale!


To help you hunt Red Deers and European Rabbits in our weekly Community Competition “Lucky Leprechaun” we have set a few items on sale, including Red Deer caller, Red Deer scent, .22 Air Rifle, .270 Bolt Action Rifle and much more!

DOGS – To top that off, we have decided to discout ALL Labrador Retrievers to help you hunters to fetch those elusive rabbits

GASOLINE – For those of you who own a vehicle we are glad to announce that due to the recent cuts in petrol price in the EHR we can now offer you gasoline at a whopping 60% discount!

Sale ends on Monday March the 16th at 13:00 CET

Check it out at:

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Weekly Sales!


To help you hunting hog and boars in our weekly Community Competition “Double Bacon” we have set a few items on sale, including Anschütz Bolt Action Rifle, .45 Long Colt RevolverCompound Bow “Pulsar”Hog callerHog scentHog feeder and much more, up to 50% off!

Check it out at:

Sale ends on Monday March the 2nd at 13:00 CET, so hurry up!

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Weekly Sales


To help you hunting those pesky turkeys in our week-end Community Competition we have set a few items on sale, including the newly released forest-camo shotgun, turkey callers and decoys and a selection of weapons particularly suitable for turkey hunting!

Check out all the discounted weapons and equipment here:

Sale ends on Monday, February 24, 2020 at 12:00pm CET, so hurry up!

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Weekly Sales


This week sale focuses on equipment and weapons that will help you hunting the elusive roe deer, including the roe deer caller and roe deer spray scent, an alpine camo tent and a few classic bows!

Sale ends on Monday 17 February at 13:00 CET, so hurry up!

Check it out:

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Release Notes


Howdy Hunters!

As the new release is finally live, we want to let you know all the new stuff you will find in it.

New turkey

An old time theHunter’s favorite, the turkey, has been given a complete redesign to give both toms and hens a more realistic look.

The redesign includes all 5 color variations:

  • Common
  • Melanistic
  • Grey
  • Leucistic
  • Albino

12 GA Blaser F3 Game O-U Shotgun – Forest Camoshotgun_oau_fc_12ga

To help you hunt the new turkey in his natural environment a new camo has been created for this popular shotgun.

Three New “Real Vegetation” Waterfowl Blindsthc_waterfowl_blindsThese newly designed waterfowl blinds are decorated with vegetation from the surrounding environment to achieve a more realistic camouflage.  Each blind can accommodate 4 hunters (or 3 hunters and 2 dogs) as opposed as the 3 hunters capacity of the existing waterfowl blinds.

The new waterfowl blinds comes in three flavors:

  • Summer Swamp
  • Fall Field
  • Tropical Forest

Please note that these blinds will not replace the existing ones, both types will be available in the store.

Antlers improvements

Rusa deer and Sambar deer antlers have been reworked (angles, scale, position of main beams and tines) to achieve a more realistic look.


We are aware there’s still room for improvement for these antlers and this is something we will continue to focus on in the next release.

Quality of life: Ability to rotate blinds

It is now possible to rotate the position where a blind will be deployed using MOUSE 2. This feature has been added for ALL types of blinds.

Bugfixes: .22 LR Ammo bug

Fixed the .22LR ammo bug. It is now possible to kill turkeys and rabbits with one shot.


Bugfixes: Blaser F3 Crooked Barrel Rib

While we were at it we also fixed the crooked barrel rib for all Blaser F3 models (Standard, Custom Grade V and Forest Camo)



Join the discussion on theHunter’s Forum

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Status Update

Howdy Hunters!

It’s time for another Status Update, just to keep you in the loop with the development and how things are shaping up.

12 GA Blaser F3 Game O-U Shotgun Forest Camo


Modeled off the lovely F3 Blaser O/U Shotgun, this new skin has been made to be released alongside the Turkey models and has been done so, with a nice camo theme. Species list and function will be the same as the other F3 models. However if you are a hunter that really likes to fully immerse yourself in the type of hunting you are doing, this gun is going to look, and feel great!

New Waterfowl Blinds

image (6)

We are very happy with how these have turned out and as you can see in the image, we have a variation for every situation! It is important to remember these are not reskins and are brand new models, that bring brand new options! 

New Turkey Models

image (5)

A lot of work has gone into the animations and more detailed parts of the Turkey model recently, and they are nearly ready to go into testing. The new rare variations are just about done as well, but as per usual, we will let you guys and girls find those for yourself!

Weekly Sales

THC_F2P_weekend_Sales_fb_1024x512_w13 (2)

This week’s sales focus on tents and other equipment as well as the ‘Scout’ rifles, there are some great deals and it is a good week to grab some tents! Make sure you check them out in the store.

Have a great weekend and let us know your thoughts and comments in the Discussion on our forums!



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Status Update

Happy Holidays Hunters!

It feels good to be writing a Status Update again, and do you know why? It means we have some juicy stuff to start talking about!

As previously mentioned we have hired more team members, from artists, to coders and as you have seen, a new game designer! These awesome new members have been getting up to speed with the code base and pipe line for Classic and because of this we had to make a bit of a hard decision, new content or a holiday event? So this year for the holidays we are putting on a generous store wide sale, but there will be no missions or competitions. Instead we have been focusing on proving that, like promised, Classic is not going anywhere and we have new content on the way!

A Sneak Peek at what you can expect early next year!


Soon your souls will be safe once again, the creepy death stares that the current turkey models give you when you are in the treestand, will be a thing of the past! That is right, totally brand new turkey models are in the process of being finalised and this is the latest image of the progress. Please note this is not the final image, things like the eyes and other details are yet to be finished.

New waterfowl blind!


Again another work in progress picture, but it is important to note this is not a reskin, but a completely new model! With more of a rectangle shape and sporting some real foliage, this new waterfowl blind will come in all three variations (Tropical, Swamp and Fall Field) and can fit four players in it or 3 players and two dogs. This will be great for those who like to socially hunt birds in larger groups! Again this is not the final image and could change slightly once released.

As well as these, there are bug fixes and even more content to come out soon… but we are going to keep some of those under wraps for the moment, more about those closer to the time!

Holiday Sales


Until Monday the 6th of January, everything instore is 30% off, we decided to go this way, instead of individual items, so players can pick items that are on their wish list! Enjoy!

Weekend Competition: Weekend Quackers



The weekly ‘Weekend Competition” is now live as well, for more details and how to win some great prizes, CLICK HERE.

Well, on behalf of the team here I would like to wish you all a happy, whatever you celebrate and I hope that it’s filled with joy, food and good times!

Bring on 2020!!



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Status Update


Hello Hunters,

Following the launch of the new free-to-play model earlier this month, we just wanted to quickly say that we couldn’t be more excited to see how both new and old players are enjoying theHunter: Classic.

We are consistently monitoring feedback across all our forums and social channels, so please keep making your voices heard. It is helping us to ensure we are still headed in the right direction!

Due to popular demand, we have extended the 10-year mission pack by an extra week and this pack will close on the 20th of May at 9 am CEST!

Have a good rest of the week and good luck out in the EHR!



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