QoL and a new feature


Howdy Hunters!

It’s time for a QoL release, clean up some of those niggling little things that irritate when one is just trying to enjoy a nice hunting session. We haven’t gotten rid of all of them, but there are fewer to bug you now.

New Stuff:

  • We want players to be able to block the malicious messages they do not want to receive, so we added a new checkbox allowing you to receive direct messages only from friends. And yes, we consider Doc or any other Staff as your friends, so you can’t block those messages :)

Bug fixes:

  • The management of the Trophy Lodge and Bait Sites didn’t work through the website, so it is fixed now
  • The hooks for some bows were incorrectly aligned in the lodges – we’ve made them tidy
  • Tooltips for tents did not work properly after switching them off and on – it is fixed now. Please note that tents are used for fast travelling, therefore you can’t switch their tooltips off completely (same as for lodges)
  • There was a delay in updating the Daily Mission rewards, it should be better now
  • Maisto 12 GA Sawed-Off-Shotgun ( Wolfsbane ) was missing from the Weapons Skills list – added now
  • Jeeps’ inventory now gets saved after game restart
  • Deleting the trophy shots didn’t work in the gallery, it works fine now
  • Lodges’ style names were corrupted – fixed
  • Dark Bighorns had a scar on the neck in the lodge – texture updated
  • All color variations for European Rabbit registered as Common – fixed
  • Dark Grey Wolves did not complete the appropriate objectives in missions – fixed

Well, that’s all for now.¬†Let us know if you find any bugs along the way.

Grab the update HERE

Happy Hunting!

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