Release Notes


Howdy Hunters!

As the new release is finally live, we want to let you know all the new stuff you will find in it.

New turkey

An old time theHunter’s favorite, the turkey, has been given a complete redesign to give both toms and hens a more realistic look.

The redesign includes all 5 color variations:

  • Common
  • Melanistic
  • Grey
  • Leucistic
  • Albino

12 GA Blaser F3 Game O-U Shotgun – Forest Camoshotgun_oau_fc_12ga

To help you hunt the new turkey in his natural environment a new camo has been created for this popular shotgun.

Three New “Real Vegetation” Waterfowl Blindsthc_waterfowl_blindsThese newly designed waterfowl blinds are decorated with vegetation from the surrounding environment to achieve a more realistic camouflage.  Each blind can accommodate 4 hunters (or 3 hunters and 2 dogs) as opposed as the 3 hunters capacity of the existing waterfowl blinds.

The new waterfowl blinds comes in three flavors:

  • Summer Swamp
  • Fall Field
  • Tropical Forest

Please note that these blinds will not replace the existing ones, both types will be available in the store.

Antlers improvements

Rusa deer and Sambar deer antlers have been reworked (angles, scale, position of main beams and tines) to achieve a more realistic look.


We are aware there’s still room for improvement for these antlers and this is something we will continue to focus on in the next release.

Quality of life: Ability to rotate blinds

It is now possible to rotate the position where a blind will be deployed using MOUSE 2. This feature has been added for ALL types of blinds.

Bugfixes: .22 LR Ammo bug

Fixed the .22LR ammo bug. It is now possible to kill turkeys and rabbits with one shot.


Bugfixes: Blaser F3 Crooked Barrel Rib

While we were at it we also fixed the crooked barrel rib for all Blaser F3 models (Standard, Custom Grade V and Forest Camo)



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