Status Update

2014_happy_midsummerHowdy hunters,

The summer is here, the short time when it’s actually bearable to be in Sweden 😀 The EW team members are slowly drifting off to their vacations and it’s getting quieter in the office. Having said that, the work on developing and improving theHunter continues. Earlier today we released a patch with fixes and a GPS pin for your dogs and you can find a technical update from our producer Philipp about our ongoing work and plans below.

Tomorrow it’s the big holiday of Midsummer in this part of the world, during which the whole Sweden will be drinking spicy snaps and eating strawberries in the midnight sun. To celebrate it theHunter style, we are throwing in a weekend membership sale, so you can renew your membership at up to 30% off. Check the image below for the codes and please note that the sale runs until Monday, June 27th. There are also some great weekend discounts on duck equipment and weapons, up to 50% off – check them out.

Game Improvements Update

Hello Hunters,

with the continuing work on game improvements, we want to update you about our efforts, what has been done since the last announcement and what is to come.

This time we are taking a more general look at both server / database and also gameplay improvements. The goal is to get to the next level in terms of communication for game improvements and to give you a better overview about what is being worked on instead of repeating ourselves that game health is the main priority for us.

Improvements for server stability

Calle and Emil are monitoring our performance and stability around the clock, looking for slow and stressful processes and queries. After identifying the main offender, they released a major update to how the inventory system responds and is updated yesterday. There are no perceivable changes for players but we hope to improve stability and connectivity significantly. Releasing a fix is of course only the first step so we will collect data over the next days and then decide how to move on.

In the meantime they look for the next biggest offender, rinse and repeat and also help the client programmer by improving our crash reporter to be more detailed which helps us to prioritize what to fix next.

Next to that we are working on a bigger plan to relieve our database making better use of the Google service that we use. We might share the details of this in the next update or a later one.

Improvements for gameplay

Our client programmers have not been lazy either. After releasing the Scent Hound, they fixed several random crashes that slipped our testing and analyzed the main problems (crashes, bugs) we currently face in-depth.

We can’t share any specifics yet but we have our eyes mostly on graphical performance and memory, user interface and system memory used by sounds.

While we work on solutions for this (which will be shared in the next update or a later one) we released a patch today with fixes for Turkey and Pheasant scoring issues.

We hope this gives you a better impression of what we are working on and of the improvements to come. Stay tuned for the next updates as we share more specifics, fixes and the plans how to tackle what is left to do.

All the best and good hunting,

Your Phil and the rest of theHunter team


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