Status Update

Hello hunters,

Time for a short status update from the EW headquarters.

Summer Fiesta

SplashScreen_summerfiesta_mainThe Fiesta is gaining speed and volume as more and more animals are being added. This week Turkey and Coyote have joined the competition, with more animals to come. Important information for players competing – the rules have recently changed. Now the best score of all your harvests of each species counts towards your leaderboard result, not only of the first three as originally announced at the beginning. The reason for this change is that our system is currently not able to handle such a condition in multispecies competitions, which was, sadly, only discovered after the start of the Fiesta. The good thing is that the table is still open and you can improve your scores even for the first added species. Just be mindful of your attempts and be strategic. Good luck!

Also, starting from this week, it’s no longer possible to activate a competition while in the middle of a hunting session. This change was implemented to prevent people from manipulating the (previously) existing loophole, and gaining an unfair advantage in competitions.

Cable-backed Bow

SplashScreen_weapon_cablebackbowOn Wednesday we released a new weapon, probably the coolest-ever addition to our archery arsenal. The cable-backed bow. It’s a primitive weapon inspired by the bows made by native people of America. It’s not our easiest weapon to handle and certainly takes some practice to get the knack of it but placing that perfect shot from this sophisticated bow is so much rewarding and enjoyable. Well, try it yourself if you want to experience something different.

Duck Game Design Competition

SplashScreen_create_duckFinally, a small reminder that the deadline of our game design competition is approaching. You have three days left to come up with a great mission or competition pack and write your name in the chronicles of theHunter forever. You can find the details here.

That’s it from us for today. Next week we’ll have more news to tell about the new big thing in the making as well as a game patch with something new, and fixes for something old. For now, enjoy the weekend and see you out there in the EHR woods!


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